As always, StreetWise® maintains a keen eye towards your time, and helps you make every second count. Do you need to see your station’s calls instantly from across the apparatus bay? Our newest product, Digital Dispatch, assists with exactly that. 

Designed in collaboration with CommOptix, the Digital Dispatch is a 40”x12”x2.5” display board featuring tall, bright LED lettering that can be viewed from 100 ft. away. Weighing about 15 lbs. each, they come with a 6’ and optional 25’ power cord for easy mounting throughout your facility.


Available for CADlink and Responder App Users

CHARLOTTE, NC - In our ongoing effort to optimize our services for users, StreetWise is excited to announce a new feature we believe to be of incredible value: Custom Map Layers.

New iOS version release for CADlink

Wednesday, 02 December 2020 09:15

SERVICES AFFECTED: CADlink MDT Tablet Application

This announcement applies only to users of Apple iPads for their "CADlink" tablet devices. A new version (3.210015) has been released this morning and is available for updating on all iOS CADlink subscriptions at the App Store.

We are excited to announce that a new version of StreetWise CADlink Tablet MDT Software was released for download on August 14, 2017. This new release includes several new and useful features that users have been asking for.