Our Station SmartBoards are multi-mode visual and audible station alerting monitors combined with a daily information dashboard. And, because they’re fully integrated with the rest of the StreetWise suite of products, we can provide instant situational awareness that others can’t match.

SmartBoards provide an overview of the department's activity, announcements, schedules, and a map showing recent calls, live unit locations  and even current weather conditions. When a call for your station is received, the monitor provides an audible and visual alert and switches automatically to response mode, providing an instant glimpse of the call location, surrounding hydrants, FDC locations and other map customizations, along with a navigation route from station to call. A live list of responders for on-call departments tells you exactly who is coming and where they are. And all of this from a simple “plug and play” Wi-Fi/HDMI stick.

Compatible with any HDMI screen. No input device needed. MDT subscription not required.

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Idle Mode


Idle Mode Displays:

  • Map with Live Traffic & Weather
  • Live unit locations*
  • Messages from admin
  • Incident log (last 5 calls)
  • Agenda Event Calendar
  • Weather Widget
  • Choose apparatus icons and colors*

*Options Require StreetWise CADlink subscriptions OR optional data interface from CAD to StreetWise

Alert Mode


Alert Mode Displays:

  • Audible and visual alert with new calls
  • Incident details provided by CAD
  • New incident alert map with route from station
  • List of apparatus or personal responders and current status
  • separate incident detail map shows hydrants and surroundings
  • Countdown turnout timer
  • Location geocoding: either CAD-supplied lat/lon or dual-source location for improved accuracy
  • Customizable lat/lon lookup tables for mile markers, place names, or other non-geocodable locations
  • Auto-revert to idle status display at user-selectable timeout