Firefighters and paramedics work each day to keep our communities safe. Every time they respond to a call, whether it be a wildfire raging in a remote mountain range, an apartment complex fire, or a vehicle accident, they can immediately place themselves in a dangerous situation.

Pre-Incident Planning

Tuesday, 05 September 2023 12:43

A pre-incident plan is a very important and often overlooked tool in a fire department’s toolbox. Having a working knowledge of how to deal with anything that the world throws at an emergency response crew can mean life or death for those involved. Sloppy planning often leads to sloppy execution, and this is why it is important to have a standard established for pre-incident planning. 

Travel to any small country village, town, or large city, and sooner or later, you will drive by the area's firehouse. The fire station, whether it be a remote wildland fire crew station or a multiple-layered urban complex, is a very important part of any community's fabric.

Each year, millions of acres of our wildlands go up in flames. Not only do these loose fires threaten the natural environment, but with the growing wildland-urban interface, increased numbers of homes and businesses are also consumed.

We have a very dedicated and well-trained cadre of professional wildland and urban fire crews, plus a multitude of volunteer firemen that place themselves in harm's way every year to protect our natural resources, homes, businesses, and lives. Within this number, the United States has approximately 20,000 paid wildland firefighters.

The professionals at Streetwise® work with fire crews all across the country with emergency training, logistical support, and computer software, and understand the inherent danger firefighters have to work through.

Although all aspects of fire fighting can be very dangerous and can create long-term emotional and physical health problems long after the last fire is put out to our firefighters, this article will discuss those major issues challenging wildland firefighters primarily.