Campfire And Bonfire Safety

Wednesday, 03 July 2024 11:37

Spring and summer are peak times for camping and outdoor activities, which may lead to an increase in the number of campfires and bonfires. While these activities bring joy and warmth to outdoor gatherings, they also pose potential hazards if not managed responsibly. 

In the United States, nearly nine out of ten wildfires are started by people. Wildfires are often accidental, but their impact can change people’s lives and have lasting impacts on communities and the environment. 

For firefighters, you want your community to understand the best practices for safely enjoying and managing campfires and bonfires. This article provides essential tips to help communicate the safe enjoyment of these activities while minimizing the risk of fire-related incidents.

The two million fire calls that American fire departments respond to yearly represent the highest figures in the industrialized world. Each year, thousands of people die, tens of thousands of people are injured, and property damage reaches billions of dollars. Indirect costs, such as temporary lodging expenses, lost time at work, medical expenses, and psychological damages, are equally high.

According to American Red Cross statistics, the annual losses from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters combined in the United States average just a fraction of those from fires. 

What Firefighters Love About Our Software

Thursday, 08 February 2024 18:15

Firefighting is a dangerous business, even on slow days. Firefighters and other emergency responders must always have proper situational awareness on every call from when the dispatch is received until all units are safely back at the station.

Properly utilizing relevant information is crucial to a firefighter's ability to respond to emergencies effectively and safely. StreetWise® provides software packages to emergency responders that have been proven effective in assisting firefighters in their jobs.

Firefighters and paramedics work each day to keep our communities safe. Every time they respond to a call, whether a wildfire raging in a remote mountain range, an apartment complex fire, or a vehicle accident, they can immediately place themselves in a dangerous situation.