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Finally, you have a real choice in apparatus mobile software. Don’t be stuck with software in your responding rigs that is designed for cops, or a smartphone app intended for on-call responders. It’s time for a real, full-featured, cloud-based mobile solution built specifically with fire and EMS apparatus in mind! What’s more, StreetWise is a hybrid of response and preplan software, uniting these two traditionally distinct functions into a single platform. StreetWise makes it easy for your firefighters to conduct real on-site pre-incident surveys that follow NFPA 1620, then we make that information available during a response at the push of a button. 

StreetWise CADlink is real software for departments that are serious about getting the most from tablet computers or Windows® laptops. Use it as a standalone MDT, integrate it to your Records Management System (RMS) NFIRS report, and we even have bi-directional interfaces available for sharing AVL and status buttons back to many CAD systems. With regional options, StreetWise allows you to seamlessly share AVL, hydrant locations, preplans and more with your mutual and auto-aid partners so all responding units are truly part of the same team.

See all the great features of StreetWise CADlink apparatus MDT software in this quick, four-minute video introduction. You’ll learn how StreetWise can change the way you think about response data, preplanning, and incident management forever!

IpadComparison-e1491858134328.pngFeatures Include:

  • Instant call updates
  • Mapping and navigation
  • Status buttons for precise performance statistics
  • Live AVL/vehicle tracking with regional options
  • 2-way CAD integration options for status changes and dispatcher AVL
  • Hydrant location and attributes display
  • Instant shared map customization with regional options
  • Incident-specific tactical command and control functions
  • Instant incident photo sharing for situational awareness
  • Total NFPA 1620 preplan collection, management and display
  • Integration with most Records Management System (RMS) Interfaces
  • Web database portal provides easy access to all data, canned reports, custom reports and analytics
  • Detailed training video library
  • 24-hour support
  • Compatible with Windows®, Android, and iOS