Notification & Mapping

Calls are pushed to the appropriate tablets automatically and can be instantly viewed on a street map or aerial/satellite view. View More


Navigation & Routing

Get turn-by-turn directions, route summaries and even dynamic rerouting to get you to the call fast. View More

"Live" Unit Locations

See other responding apparatus displayed on a live map in real time for improved coordination. View More

Hydrant Data Display

Fire hydrants and water points are displayed on the map with touch-to-display data such as flow rating or main sizes. View More

Shared Waypoints

Instantly drop and share waypoints to designate hazards, staging areas, tactical directions and more. View More

Total Preplan Management

Preplan surveys are performed right on the tablet, complete with embedded photos, then automatically synched to all tablets. View More

Instant Photo Sharing

Need to let other responders see what you're seeing? Simply point, click and share instantly without leaving the application. View More

Live NFIRS Integration

StreetWise CADlink® integrates live with your Emergency Reporting® records management software, making life easier for your crews and dramatically improving the accuracy of your response time analysis. View More

Status Timestamp Log

Click and record unit status timestamps, such as "arrival" or "under control" for retrieval later on any computer. View More