CHARLOTTE, NC - Today, Hangar14 Solutions announced an all-new version of its SmartBoard station alerting dashboard that includes an exclusive designer studio that is being rolled out in April. The new feature allows a station to fully customize the look and feel of each screen.

Since 2021, the StreetWise SmartBoard has taken station alerting to a new level. Now, with its widget-based design studio, the SmartBoard will do even more for existing and new customers that want the ultimate in flexibility and customization.

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We’re not quite ready to announce the full details. In the meantime, prepare yourselves for a serious upleveling of your department’s access to dispatch. StreetWise® has partnered with one of the largest sources of public safety audio streams to make dispatch radio easily available digitally for both StreetWise CADlink Tablet and Responder users. 

This means dispatch delivered directly to your team members, increasing situational awareness and your member’s efficacy on the job. 

Stay tuned for more details.

CHARLOTTE, NC - StreetWise® is consistently watching, questioning, and learning how best to respond to clients’ needs for outstanding pre-incident planning, firehouse safety, and reduced response time. In answer to this, we are releasing a new update to StreetWise® Responder for Android users.

A valuable feature designed to improve your firehouse response time and reduce your stress has been added to both the CADlink and Responder line of products: Fleet Status.

Fleet Status displays every unit in your department that is currently logged into StreetWise® and what their current status is. If the unit is busy on a call, this feature will show which alert they’re active on. To help you keep track of your department’s resources, simply tapping on any unit in the Fleet Status list will open a live map view centered on that unit’s current location.