StreetWise Announces Custom Map Layers

StreetWise Announces Custom Map Layers

Monday, 26 April 2021 13:06

Available for CADlink and Responder App Users

CHARLOTTE, NC - In our ongoing effort to optimize our services for users, StreetWise is excited to announce a new feature we believe to be of incredible value: Custom Map Layers.

Custom Map Layers adds a geo-referenced layer to the StreetWise Tactical Map display created from our clients’ own Geographic Information Software (GIS) data. Examples of Custom Map Layers include: 

  • District or response zone boundaries
  • Sewer, gas, or water lines
  • Address points from locally-validated data
  • Building footprints from locally-validated data
  • Topographical lines from locally-validated data
  • Streets, centerlines, or rights-of-way (from local data and visible only: cannot be used for navigation) 

There can be up to 4 layers added. If a layer is transparent, it can be overlaid on the Google Maps base layer of the StreetWise Tactical Map. If it is not transparent, it will override the Google Maps base layer.

StreetWise displays these layers using map tiles stored in our system. They can be created by the clients’ own GIS technicians using our specifications, or we can create them using the clients’ GIS data. While the tiles can be updated periodically, these layers work best for fairly static data. 

The Custom Map Layers feature can be found under Map Settings > Layer Visibility, and is available to CADlink and Responder App users.

Pricing breaks down per layer. Setup is $1,500 per layer, up front (with a maximum of 4 layers). Each layer has an annual maintenance/storage fee of $1200. If needed, GIS data to map tile conversion is $250 per layer, or per conversion. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Custom Map Layers, reach out to us with questions, or schedule your live demo!