Firefighters and paramedics work each day to keep our communities safe. Every time they respond to a call, whether it be a wildfire raging in a remote mountain range, an apartment complex fire, or a vehicle accident, they can immediately place themselves in a dangerous situation.

The Forest City, NC Fire Rescue is located about an hour west of Charlotte and just 20 minutes north of the South Carolina state line. The department that has a class 4 ISO rating and responds to alarms within two minutes of receipt has been using StreetWise software almost since its inception.

Chief Ferrell Hamrick has been with the Forest City Fire Department for over 25 years. We spoke to him about the StreetWise all-in-one solution they use in the department.


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Todd Ungar - Fire Chief Willoughby, OH

Tuesday, 02 August 2022 17:22

Willoughby, Ohio, can trace its history all the way back to the Eighteenth Century. People began exploring the area in the late 1700s, and the first permanent settlement was founded in 1798. In 1835, the village was named after Westel Willoughby Jr., the founder of a local medical college. 

Although the medical college is no longer operational, downtown Willoughby grew rapidly, and many of the buildings are still in use and operational to this day. 

“Two things firefighters hate the most are the way things are, and change." - Jarrod Gruber - Captain | Pensacola Fire Department

Jarrod Gruber has been a firefighter for almost thirty years. He began his career as a volunteer and has since risen to the rank of captain for the Pensacola Fire Department. PFD operates six fire stations in a city of over 50,000 residents, encompassing over forty square miles.

Gruber is an active user and advocate of StreetWise® after our system revolutionized the way his department operates. Having been a StreetWise customer since nearly the beginning, we wanted to get his perspective on how PFD has benefited from our system.