Don’t take our word for it. Read what StreetWise® users have to say about the product:

Captain Jeffrey Wainwright – Spokane County Fire District 8, Spokane, WA

“Well, I just wanted to take a second and give you and your team a big thumbs up! All of the adjustments you had to make for us to ensure Fire District 8 would receive as much information as possible and that all of your features worked properly as advertised has been nothing short of awesome. I know we have asked a lot of you in making special or specific changes just for us given all of the oddities that come out of our dispatch center. I am not sure how you are able to make a program that will catch all of our dispatcher note feeds, compile them in order and re-ship them to us, but it is truly amazing. I cannot express to you how much easier it is for our folks to deliver a faster, more efficient and safer service to our customers by using your product. That said, a product is only as good as the people that manage and operate it. Your customer service is far and way the best I have ever been exposed to. Thank you any your team for all you do.”

Doug Boczek – Mt. Vernon Fire Department, Mt. Vernon, IL

“Thank you for the continued great service we’ve received from Streetwise. In emergency services, we’re really accustomed to less than spectacular service and pricing from our vendors, especially when it comes to technology. Since day 1 with your company, you’ve always exceeded our expectations.”

Jarrod Gruber – Pensacola Fire Department, Pensacola, FL

“StreetWise CADlink does exactly what we need it to do. Unlike other software we have used in the past, I have received zero complaints on StreetWise CADlink. I can teach anyone to use this software because it is Android based, making it easy to learn and use. This program does exactly what we need, when we need it.”

Chief Dan Reynolds, CFO – Armada Twp Fire Department, MI

“I just wanted to share with you my feelings on StreetWise CADLink. The system is working fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with its performance and its potential. It is everything that we envisioned it to be, CAD info is perfect and the Tactical Maps work perfectly – we could see our rig enroute to the call on the map!! Kudos to the County Dispatch center and the StreetWise staff. The best news is that we’ve only scratched the surface in the potential of this software. It is truly a CAD/Dispatch tool and a comprehensive Incident Management tool that will reap great benefit to the Armada Township Fire Department. Thank you all for your efforts !!”

Captain Peter Busa– Fort Hunter Fire District, NY

“Our district covers portions of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve which is 3,200 acres of protected Pitch Pine Scrub Oak barrens. StreetWise proved to be an incredibly valuable tool while fighting this season’s brush fires. Utilizing the tactical map and all the features available, we were able to quickly determine which trails into the Pine Bush would give us the quickest and most effective approach to the fire. StreetWise made it possible for us to look at the big picture, take all the given information, and come up with a plan of attack in order to combat the fire. The waypoint markers on the tactical map proved to be extremely useful as we documented and shared apparatus locations, fire perimeter markers, and other information involved in the fire. We have fought fires in the Pine Bush for many years, but this year was the first time we had the technology of StreetWise on our side, and it made a huge difference.”

Chief Jamie Summers – Martin Fire Department, TN

“I will tell you that Streetwise and Emergency Reporting are the best purchases I have ever made. Thanks for a great product!”

Power in the Features

Notification & Mapping

Calls are pushed to the appropriate tablets automatically and can be instantly viewed on a street map or aerial/satellite view. View More


Navigation & Routing

Get turn-by-turn directions, route summaries and even dynamic rerouting to get you to the call fast. View More

"Live" Unit Locations

See other responding apparatus displayed on a live map in real time for improved coordination. View More

Hydrant Data Display

Fire hydrants and water points are displayed on the map with touch-to-display data such as flow rating or main sizes. View More

Shared Waypoints

Instantly drop and share waypoints to designate hazards, staging areas, tactical directions and more. View More

Total Preplan Management

Preplan surveys are performed right on the tablet, complete with embedded photos, then automatically synched to all tablets. View More

Instant Photo Sharing

Need to let other responders see what you're seeing? Simply point, click and share instantly without leaving the application. View More

Live NFIRS Integration

StreetWise CADlink® integrates live with your Emergency Reporting® records management software, making life easier for your crews and dramatically improving the accuracy of your response time analysis. View More

Status Timestamp Log

Click and record unit status timestamps, such as "arrival" or "under control" for retrieval later on any computer. View More