Announcing Release of StreetWise® Digital Dispatch Powered by CommOptix

Announcing Release of StreetWise® Digital Dispatch Powered by CommOptix

Tuesday, 01 June 2021 08:19

As always, StreetWise® maintains a keen eye towards your time, and helps you make every second count. Do you need to see your station’s calls instantly from across the apparatus bay? Our newest product, Digital Dispatch, assists with exactly that. 

Designed in collaboration with CommOptix, the Digital Dispatch is a 40”x12”x2.5” display board featuring tall, bright LED lettering that can be viewed from 100 ft. away. Weighing about 15 lbs. each, they come with a 6’ and optional 25’ power cord for easy mounting throughout your facility.

The Digital Dispatch is meant to be placed along the travel route to emergency vehicles, such as hallways, large training rooms, or the apparatus bay. This is customizable for your firehouse. 

Like our other products, Digital Dispatch uses the fast and reliable CAD interface, displaying the address, the nature of the call, units assigned, the radio channel, and a chute timer -- letting your firehouse know how much time has expired since the alarm sounded. 

It displays 200 milliseconds from the time it is sent from dispatch -- far faster than traditional audio alerts.

This at-a-glance, easy to read, easy to understand summary of the details your firemen need to know reduces confusion around the calls, as well as the response time to get out the door.

Johnny Blythe, Chief of the Hemby Bridge Volunteer Fire Department in North Carolina, says: “It’s stopped a lot of the questioning of where you’re going and what you’re going to because you’re able to read it...It’s improved our turnout times.”

Digital Dispatch is set up using your smartphone to connect to the board and configure its Wi-Fi connection to your station network. This takes only minutes, and does not require an ethernet wired connection.

Our partner in design of the Digital Dispatch, CommOptix, applies over 85 collective years of remarkable public safety and communications experience. Their depth and breadth of field knowledge is impressive. 

StreetWise® and CommOptix understand the value and necessity of clarity, when you need it most.