StreetWise Releases New Video Ad

Thursday, 05 November 2015 15:27

StreetWise CADlink just released the third in its series of humorous whiteboard video ads. The ads will be run on Facebook and other fire service industry venues. Enjoy.

StreetWise CADlink has consistently prided itself on its 24-hour access to a Technical Support Specialist. Since starting service in late 2012, clients have been able to use the toll-free telephone number to contact the on-call StreetWise support staff for assistance.

Product Spotlight - Ventev Dashport

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 14:49

In conversation with our various clients, we often hear about ideas that they think would make their duties easier and/or more convenient.  We listen and then make inquiry through our suppliers as to possible solutions.  We intend to make these “Little Gems” available as we come across them.

One of the items on a lot of wish lists is a solution for in-vehicle charging of tablets and other accessory items.  We would like to bring to your attention the following: Ventev Dashport r2240.

App Lock (Smart App Protector)

Friday, 02 May 2014 14:45

From time to time, we have clients who ask us about locking out certain applications, features or settings on the tablets that are used for StreetWise CADlink. This can sometimes be helpful for a number of reasons.