When people think of the job of firefighting, they might have one or more pictures in their minds. Some think of the quintessential rescue of the neighborhood cast stick in a tree. 

Others remember demonstrations in school where firefighters taught valuable lessons about how to escape a structural fire and safety tips regarding how to prevent fire. 

Still, others remember the time first responders put their lives on the line to save them during the most traumatic moments in their lives. They see the job as never-ending moments of heroically running into the very spaces from which people are trying to escape. 

While there is, of course, a lot of emergency action in the job description, much of the daily work can be a bit less exhilarating. 

Much of your time is spent doing paperwork and training for future calls. Some of that work seems tedious, but it is part of a hero's work. The tedious tasks also contribute to saving lives.

Still, if there are ways to make some of those things more efficient, you should take advantage of them. 

Mobile pre-planning software may be the solution your department’s needs. 

Heroes save lives. Whether you are in a volunteer department or on a large team in an urban area, when you are on a call, you are doing the work of a hero. From the mundane to the frightening, on the other end of each call is someone that needs help and at the very least feels their situation is dire enough to dial 911. To effectively reach them with a potentially life-saving solution, every second counts. Every small piece of knowledge helps reduce the number of ticks on the clock it will take to reach them.

Visual Fire Data Management Saves Lives

Saturday, 24 April 2021 23:53

Firefighters are heroes. There is no doubt about that. It takes a truly special person to run into a place from which other people are trying to escape. Nevertheless, firefighters are the first to put their lives on the line for the chance to rescue people from dire circumstances. If you have signed up to become a firefighter, whether vocationally or as a volunteer, you know that risking your health and safety are part of the landscape. Still, you do not have to run into an emergency blindly. You should have access to a significant amount of data before you ever respond to a call. However, without the right software and technology, you may not be getting the most out of your data. 

Every job is essential to making our world work as it should. There are a few jobs, however, that are a matter of life and death. Firefighting is one of those careers on which people depend when they are in an emergency. When someone picks up the phone to dial 911, they are expecting someone to come to the rescue. Their situation depends on you to have a plan. They do not have time to wait for you to develop your strategy. Fire victims need you immediately. 

Fire pre-incident planning is your first step in ensuring you have the information you need to respond to every call with speed and precision. There is no better time than the present to update your fire pre-incident surveys.