Why Fire Apparatus Mobile Software is a Matter of Life and Death

Why Fire Apparatus Mobile Software is a Matter of Life and Death

Thursday, 05 August 2021 10:48

What is considered a matter of life or death

Sometimes, of course, that phrase is used as hyperbole. It might be applied to something as trivial as making sure you are not late to a job interview or Zoom meeting with your supervisor. 

For firefighters and paramedics, they face life-or-death situations every day as an ordinary function of their jobs. They understand more than most how seemingly minute changes can make all the difference in an emergency.


Fire Is More Dangerous Than Your Community Realizes

While it may be common for fire chiefs and firefighters to assess every building and driving situation for everything that could go wrong, the average person in your community is not doing that. They are thinking about everything but how to get out of an emergency situation safely. Here are a few alarming statistics

  • There are over 350,000 structural fires in homes every year in the United States.
  • Structural fire does as much as $25 billion in damage in the United States each year. $7 billion of those damages are to homes. 
  • 3,500 people die each year in structural fires. Over 2,600 of those deaths are in homes. 
  • Almost half of all home fires are a result of cooking accidents. 
  • Over 40% of home fire injuries are a result of cooking accidents. 

The last thing on your neighbor’s mind when they are cooking dinner is that they might cause a devastating fire. However, first responders understand just how much your community needs you to be ready to respond with the tools to rescue them. 

Planning Is Essential to Effective Response

Incident pre-planning can be among the most tedious aspects of your job. It is also one of the most vital functions of fire and emergency safety. 

The software from StreetWise® features a "Preplan Wizard" that is based on the NFPA 1620 Standards. 

When you arrive at the survey site, your StreetWise® tablet will guide you through the process of entering the information you need. It allows you to add images instantaneously and syncs them to all agency devices, including mutual aid partners with StreetWise. 

The Preplan Wizard saves time and helps collect the information that will inevitably save lives. It puts that data at the fingertips of the people who need it. 

The Right Technology Improves Response Time

When you think about matters of life or death, you know more than most how much of a difference fractions of a second can make during an emergency. Our fire apparatus mobile software replaces slow, clunky laptops with user-friendly tablets. 

It provides a big picture for Incident Commanders who need to know who is responding to what call, who is on their way to a call, and what resources are available. 

It will help show responders where to go, roads to avoid, hydrant locations, and much more. This information can shave seconds and minutes off of response time. 

Software Designed for Fire Departments Raises Life-Saving Situational Awareness

There is no substitute for situational awareness. Surprises are the worst enemy of first responders. 

When data is inaccurate or antiquated, the safety of your firefighters and paramedics is jeopardized. The right software will raise situational awareness for every responder, commander, and dispatcher. It's critical to get the data into the hands of the appropriate persons, from dispatchers to first responders. 

StreetWise CADlink Tablet MDT/MDC is designed by firefighters and paramedics for firefighters and paramedics. From the Preplan Wizard to the response software, it puts the information you need in front of you when you need it. From our website:

“Use it as a standalone MDT, integrate it to your Emergency Reporting® NFIRS report, and we even have bi-directional interfaces available for sharing AVL and status buttons back to many CAD systems.”

Raising situational awareness is a matter of life or death for your community and your department.

StreetWise Apparatus Mobile Software Saves Lives

Are you convinced that the right technology is a matter of life or death? StreetWise is here to help. We are first responders who got tired of using software made primarily with police departments in mind. Our system will help improve your pre-planning, response time, and situational awareness, so your community can rest easier. 

We would love to provide a free demonstration of our suite of software

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