The Power of An All in One Fire Mobile Apparatus Solution

The Power of An All in One Fire Mobile Apparatus Solution

Tuesday, 07 September 2021 14:42

We love a one-stop-shop, all-in-one solution, right? The rise of big-box stores and digital shopping is evidence that we prefer to get everything done in one place. We like our technology to be the same way. We want one system to do it all. 

While many people want to get the most out of their software systems, fire departments across the country are piecing things together and trying to make things work. 

Many firehouses are using systems designed for police departments, so they are not even close to getting all they should get out of their mobile apparatus software. Throughout the nation, departments large and small are stuck with clunky, slow laptops, and outdated programs. 

StreetWise® puts the power of an all-in-one solution in the hands of firefighters and paramedics. In this article, we are helping departments understand just how much value you get from comprehensive fire apparatus software. 


How Your Department Benefits from an All in One Solution

StreetWise is a full-featured software suite built exclusively for Fire & EMS. With rapid call alerting, customized Google-based maps, live traffic, hydrant locations, tactical waypoints, live unit tracking with directional apparatus indicators, and comprehensive preplan management, StreetWise takes you from the firehouse to the scene and back

StreetWise’s powerful features include:

Total Incident Preplan Management

Our unique “Preplan Wizard” field surveys are the simplest way for your workers to construct pre-incident plans with the same tablet used during responses. The wizard is modeled after the NFPA 1620 standard, which mandates preplan writers to collect information during an in-person site visit. The wizard greatly simplifies that process.

The wizard guides you through all of the critical details specified by the NFPA standard and allows you to submit photos instantly. New preplans are quickly linked to all agency devices, including mutual aid partners using StreetWise. If network connectivity is unavailable, preplanned data can be cached to the tablet for offline access.

Live NFIRS Integration

StreetWise CADlink® works in real-time with your Emergency Reporting® records management software, making responding to calls easier for your crews while enhancing the efficiency of your response time analysis significantly. 

Live Bi-Directional CAD Integration

An increasing number of CAD vendors are permitting a full bi-directional interface with StreetWise, allowing our software to exchange unit status changes. This means that StreetWise can update the status in CAD from a button in the truck cab and vice versa. If your communication center has an AVL system (automatic vehicle location and tracking) in place, StreetWise can send all of your unit locations to that system in real time with no extra expensive hardware or modems needed.

Navigation & Routing Displays

Each incident is available to be viewed in street map view, as an aerial photo image, in landscape view, or even Google’s 360-degree interactive StreetView. These options provide key, life-saving situational awareness. 

A simple and intuitive pinch-zoom and finger swipe user interface are available in all map displays. At the touch of a button, navigation to an active alert is automated for use as a route overlay or turn-by-turn directions.

Notification & Mapping Options

With each call from a client’s CAD to the StreetWise interface, they are then automatically routed to the allocated devices. The incident details are displayed in a full-screen, easy-to-read display that includes a call index. 

If the CAD system delivers updated data, the display will update automatically, with a pop-up notification to the user.

Real-Time Unit Locations

For better coordination and situational awareness, you can see other apparatus displayed on the tactical map in real-time. Labels show your own vehicle names along with a variety of icons for different types of apparatus. The icons rotate realistically in the direction of travel. 

Staffing, pump and tank capacity, EMS level, speed, and course may all be found by tapping each equipment symbol. 

Hydrant Data Display

On the street map, terrain view, or aerial image view, hydrants, and water points are displayed for improved convenience and response time. Hydrant icons are interactive and can display data such as flow capacity, primary size, and location notes, among other things. 

The capacity of a hydrant can be matched to NFPA colors using a variety of icons. You can even convert a single hydrant's icon to an "out of service" icon on all devices at the same time. Hydrants are simple to import and export. This information will prove invaluable to your response efficiency. 

Status Timestamp Log

At the touch of a button, you can change and record your unit's status to options such as En Route, Arrived, Available, and so on. Unit status timestamps are saved in the server in real-time for later retrieval, allowing for more precise documentation of response times. This allows everyone involved to know who and where responders are located. 

StreetWise’s Software Will Improve Your Department’s Response

With an all-in-one system like StreetWise, you can be confident your department’s response will improve. For first responders, you know every single second matters. You need every advantage to save time. It’s not just about saving time; however, you want to save lives. Our software improves life-saving situational awareness that can save the lives of your firefighters as well as the people you are helping. 

If you are ready to bring an all-in-one software solution to your department, we are here to help. Contact the team at StreetWise for more information about how our software can take your department’s response to the next level.