Forest City FD Relies on StreetWise Response All-in-One Solution

Forest City FD Relies on StreetWise Response All-in-One Solution

Monday, 17 July 2023 09:15

The Forest City, NC Fire Rescue is located about an hour west of Charlotte and just 20 minutes north of the South Carolina state line. The department that has a class 4 ISO rating and responds to alarms within two minutes of receipt has been using StreetWise software almost since its inception.

Chief Ferrell Hamrick has been with the Forest City Fire Department for over 25 years. We spoke to him about the StreetWise all-in-one solution they use in the department.

Smarter, Faster Response

The biggest time-saving feature using StreetWise is "the ability to gather a lot of information in a short period of time. Within 10 seconds, I know where I'm going, where my hydrants are, the layout of the building, and if it's a structure fire, how many possible exposures. There's a ton of information just by looking at a picture."

"We also use the phone app for our personal responders. They have almost all of the same information we have on the tablet, but members can check into a scene or the station. It will populate a list of names visible to everyone on the call." Everyone on the call will also be a part of the messenger system for any messages or photos of the incident.

StreetWise integrates with Emergency Reporting by ESO to create an accurate record and save valuable time. "If you have an incident commander that doesn't need to participate in the firefighting activities, they can log items on the tablet to automatically be added to the report." Logging on the tablet saves around 50% of reporting time compared to not logging during an incident, said Firefighter Thomas McIntosh.

"[StreetWise] makes our life so much easier, so no matter what, we make sure it is used every single time," said Captain Clint Walker.

StreetWise allows a department to add custom informational waypoints on any location to quickly relay information about FDC connections, Knox boxes, hydrants, pets, apartment numbers, obstacles, or other location notes. "With three different shifts, sometimes it's hard to get information to everyone, but if it pops up on the tablet, everyone will see it," Chief Hamrick said. "You can make this system anything you want by adding sticky waypoints and layers."

From a driver's perspective, McIntosh said, "The StreetWise SmartBoard is extremely helpful to know at a glance any cross streets and travel time so we know a time when we are supposed to be out of the building."

"StreetWise is very user-friendly. Many of the apps out there are so complicated that it takes 3-4 moves to do the same thing StreetWise can do in one. You can easily see the information you need just by looking at the picture on the tablet," Hamrick remarked.

Is Your Department Ready for StreetWise?

StreetWise is a suite of full-featured software products specifically designed for Fire & EMS. With every incident, Streetwise takes you from the firehouse to the scene and back with instant call alerting, customizable Google or Apple-based maps, live traffic, hydrant locations, tactical waypoints, live unit tracking with directional apparatus icons, and full preplan management.

If you are ready to explore StreetWise for your department, we would love to talk to you more and provide a free demonstration. Contact us for more information about how StreetWise can improve your department’s situational awareness.