What Firefighters Love About Our Software

What Firefighters Love About Our Software

Thursday, 08 February 2024 18:15

Firefighting is a dangerous business, even on slow days. Firefighters and other emergency responders must always have proper situational awareness on every call from when the dispatch is received until all units are safely back at the station.

Properly utilizing relevant information is crucial to a firefighter's ability to respond to emergencies effectively and safely. StreetWise® provides software packages to emergency responders that have been proven effective in assisting firefighters in their jobs.

As StreetWise software continues to be utilized by a growing number of departments across the country, the number of satisfied customers continues to share what they love about our software. 

StreetWise values our customers and does everything possible to ensure that our products meet the demanding and growing needs of firefighters and emergency responders.

What Firefighters Love About StreetWise®  Software

With an all-in-one system like StreetWise, you can be confident your department’s response will improve. For first responders, you know every single second matters. You need every advantage to save time.  Our software improves life-saving situational awareness that can save the lives of your firefighters and those you are helping. 

The StreetWise software offers the following products firefighters say have been game changers in doing their jobs safely and efficiently. Here is a summary of the many functions available through our software package. 

1) Notification & Mapping

Calls received from a client’s CAD to StreetWise interface are automatically sent to the assigned devices. The incident information is shown on a full-screen, easy-to-read display, complete with a call index. If the CAD system sends updated information, the display is also automatically updated, with a pop-up notification to the user.

2) Navigation & Routing

Calls are instantly mapped and displayed at the push of a button. For the ultimate situational awareness, the incident can be displayed in street map view, as an aerial photo image, terrain view, or even in Google’s 360-degree interactive StreetView. 

All map views use a simple and intuitive pinch-zoom and finger-swipe user interface. Navigation to an active alert is automated at the touch of a button for either a simple route overlay or even turn-by-turn directions.

3) Unit Locations

See other apparatus displayed on the tactical map in real-time for improved coordination. Labels display your own selected vehicle names with a choice of icons for various apparatus types. Icons realistically rotate in the direction of travel.

Tap any apparatus icon to see staffing, pump and tank capacity, EMS level, speed, and course. Engaged device filtering means you can tell which units are responding to your call, multiple incidents can be handled without confusion.

4) Hydrant Data Display

Hydrants and water points can be displayed on the street map, terrain view, or aerial image view. Hydrant icons are interactive and can display information such as flow capacity, primary size, location notes, etc. 

A choice of icons can match hydrant capacity to NFPA colors. You can instantly change a single hydrant to an “out of service” icon on all devices simultaneously. Hydrants can be easily imported and exported.

5) Shared Waypoints

More than just a mapping program, StreetWise gives you revolutionary new ways to help manage an incident. Fully interactive, tactical waypoints can be instantly dropped on the map with a simple tap of your finger, automatically appearing on the maps of all other devices engaged in your call within seconds.

Non-incident information waypoints, identifying things such as road construction, disabled sprinklers, or even gated community entry codes, can be easily placed on the map for all devices to view anytime.

6) Total Pre-Plan Management

Occupancy preplans automatically sort and list by proximity to the call you’re responding to and can also be displayed as map icons. Select any pre-plan to view a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate, tabbed display of occupancy information.

Pre-plan surveys are easily performed in the field on the device, complete with embedded photos, then synced to the StreeWise cloud servers when complete and available to every device for the next call. Pre-plans can be selectively cached to device memory for offline use when broadband isn’t available.

7) Instant Photo Sharing

Need to let other responders see what you are seeing? Using the table’s built-in camera, point, click, and share instantly without leaving the StreetWise application. Units in one area of a call can send up-to-date imagery to units in another. Remote companies performing search or damage assessment functions can send photos to the incident commander or EOC.

8) Live NFIRS Integration

StreetWise CADlink® integrates live with your records management software, making life easier for your crews and dramatically improving the accuracy of your response time analysis.

9) Status Timestamp Log

Change and record your unit’s status, such as En Route, Arrived, Available, etc., at the push of a button. Unit Status timestamps are instantly recorded in the server for later retrieval to enhance documentation of truly accurate response times. 

Benchmarking status buttons can also record essential incident timestamps like First Water Applied, Patient Contact Made, PAR Check Conducted, and more. An optional bi-directional programming interface on our server makes Status Button activations instantly available for use by your CAD vendor.

10) Custom Map Layers

Custom Map Layers adds a geo-referenced layer to the StreetWise Tactical Map display created from our clients’ Geographic Information Software (GIS) data. Examples of Custom Map Layers include: 

  • District or response zone boundaries
  • Sewer, gas, or water lines
  • Address points from locally-validated data
  • Building footprints from locally-validated data
  • Topographical lines from locally-validated data
  • Streets, centerlines, or rights-of-way (from local data and visible only: cannot be used for navigation)

StreetWise Provides Software To Improve the Situation Awareness Of Your Crews

StreetWise is a public safety information services company in Terrell, North Carolina. StreetWise is an elite group of progressive, like-minded investors, managers, technical developers, and advisors that form the parent company, Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC.

Our close and ongoing career experience with public safety led to the development of this project concept. Hangar 14 Solutions has identified the gap in getting critical response information into the hands of emergency personnel.

If you are ready to bring an all-in-one software solution to your department, we are here to help. Contact the team at StreetWise for more information about how our software can take your department’s response to the next level.