Thank you to Pensacola FD and Richfield FD!

Friday, 02 May 2014 14:43

We’ve been busy this month updating many of the videos on our main StreetWise CADlink website. Some of the product demonstration videos were out of date and received a much needed facelift with new screenshots from the latest version of our software.

In addition, a huge THANK YOU goes out to the fire fighters at both Pensacola Fire Department in Florida and Richfield Fire Department in Ohio. Both departments were willing and able to help StreetWise with the filming of our new introductory video that is seen on our main home page and is also featured on several industry websites, such as and The new video, set to release this next month, will focus on testimonials from existing users about functionality, ease of the user interface, reliability, speed and cost. Both departments were instrumental with their interviews, stories and even some action shots, complete with cameras in the trucks while responding to a call (and an awesome fireboat, in the case of Pensacola). So again, thank you to Chief Schmitt at Pensacola and Chief Mihalek at Richfield and all the fire fighters at both departments for their gracious help in filming the new video! Watch for it soon on our homepage or your favorite industry website.

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