Product Spotlight - Ventev Dashport

Product Spotlight - Ventev Dashport

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 14:49

In conversation with our various clients, we often hear about ideas that they think would make their duties easier and/or more convenient.  We listen and then make inquiry through our suppliers as to possible solutions.  We intend to make these “Little Gems” available as we come across them.

One of the items on a lot of wish lists is a solution for in-vehicle charging of tablets and other accessory items.  We would like to bring to your attention the following: Ventev Dashport r2240.


This is a top of the line car charger which plugs into a cigarette lighter receptacle (now called charge port).  It features two 2.4A USB ports and can charge two devices simultaneously; even two tablets, at their maximum rate.  It is advertised to be able to charge smaller devices safely and much faster than standard low-power chargers without additional wear and tear on their battery.  The design concept is long and thin, thereby taking up no space except that directly above the charge port.  Approximately 3” long, there is an illuminated USB port on the side and one on the end, ensuring that at least one of the ports is available even in an awkward location.

We have been playing with one for a few weeks and find it to be of very high quality and very quick.  It has both short circuit and temperature protection, comes with a 3’ micro USB cable and a limited lifetime warranty.

We can offer them for $22.50 each, shipping included.