How to Tell If It's Time for New Mobile Apparatus Software

How to Tell If It's Time for New Mobile Apparatus Software

Wednesday, 08 June 2022 15:31

Without first responders and emergency response personnel, where would we be? Along with preserving vital national infrastructure and services, it also helps to protect public health and safety. First responders may face risks regardless of whether the event was man-made or natural.

Whether firemen, police enforcement, or medical workers are engaged, the threats might take different forms, but the human effects are always the same.

More often than not, emergency service personnel and first responders are using outdated apparatus or very little mobile apparatus at all.  They deserve the best of the best when it comes to information and data sharing, which can help save lives and improve response times.


Because technology is constantly changing, the equipment can quickly become out of date or, in some cases, unsupported. It is critical to keep departments up to date with available technology when it comes to mobile apparatus and data sharing. 

Signs Your Mobile Apparatus Software Needs an Upgrade

1. Available Technology Is Under-Utilized.

Adapting to new technology is tough, but if your department is still using pen and paper for pre-planning and incident response, it is time to switch to superior mobile response software.

It is time for your department to look into better options if your systems are not integrating and working together to increase situational awareness, even if you are probably not quite that far back in response to technology's history.

2. Pre-Planning Software Is Not Adequate

Without allowing you to properly verify the facts and prepare your incident reaction, incident pre-planning software shouldn't only get building information from the internet. The most recent information accessible and the option to personalize it with firsthand facts (NFPA on-site requirement) are both preferable solutions for your pre-planning software. 

Additionally, it must be integrated with all the other components of your response software so that all the data is available in one location. During a pre-planning site visit, Streetwise's Pre-Plan Wizard is a quick and simple solution that is then automatically distributed to all devices. To guarantee that you get the most out of your response software, our system uses NFPA 1620 principles.

3. Equipment Is Designed for Police Response

Numerous mobile data terminal solutions were created to respond to police crises. Your mobile software could make you feel "left out" if it doesn't take into consideration the unique requirements of other first responders and emergency service personnel, such as preplans, occupancy risks, the availability of fire hydrants, command, and control features, and integrated vehicle tracking.

Raising situational awareness for everyone involved, from dispatch to the firemen and paramedics on the site, is one of the main objectives of fire and EMS response technologies. 

4. Aging Equipment

Your department may still be utilizing an outdated mobile data service. Some people are forced to use outdated or unsupported software and technology or even items whose manufacturers are no longer in business. Technology is subject to speedy evolution and rapid obsolescence. 

It's time to consult experts to decide whether an upgrade is necessary if you haven't recently examined your mobile data terminal solution. Utilizing solutions from reputable vendors that will cooperate with your department to make sure you keep up with the newest technological developments is also crucial.

Many departments are still employing cutting-edge hardware that was expensive to upgrade when it became sluggish and unwieldy or couldn't operate today's goods. Consumer-grade items are now available that are durable enough to jiggle around in a 12-year- old's backpack.

 Even tablets with complete military specifications and ruggedization are priced at around $1,000. It's time to go elsewhere if your response software isn't compatible with accessible, current technology.

5. Your Department Deserves the Best

Every department deserves the best possible equipment on the market. Solutions for mobile data terminals are frequently becoming more accessible as they develop. The low cost of today's mobile data options could surprise you.

Our CADuceus lightweight CAD system can be the solution you've been looking for if your department cannot afford a computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) for your mobile app to interact with. To provide enterprise-level functionality to smaller towns and regions at a fraction of the cost, this new web-based, two-screen solution for telecommunicators interacts completely with all StreetWise® devices.

6. Your Department Could Use Faster Response Times

Departments are always looking at ways to improve their response times, and one way is to upgrade your Mobile Apparatus Software. By quickly being able to map and find the best route for emergency calls at the touch of a button, our navigation software is the tool for you.

All map views use a simple and intuitive pinch-zoom user interface, and navigation is automated for either a simple overlay or turn-by-turn directions. 

Updated GIS Data

While GIS data is typically fairly easy to come by, our software can be configured to display up to four layers of locally produced GIS data as overlays to some of the most up-to-date base maps in the industry. This GIS data can be critical when searching for information surrounding water mains, building food prints, and station response zones. 

StreetWise - CAD Solutions for First Responders and Emergency Service Personnel

Our first responders are always on the front lines, guaranteeing the security and welfare of the general public. Nobody is an island; thus, ensuring their safety should be a team effort comprising everyone's duty as well as that of their coworkers and supporting organizations.

StreetWise® is aware that precise, detailed preparation and in-the-moment communication are essential for effective incident response. We offer cutting-edge technology solutions for preplanning, dispatch, and mobile communication to synchronize your reaction. 

Give us a chance to help your organization serve the community and first responders under your charge more effectively. Contact us to see what makes us different from other CAD solutions on the market. We provide free demos for prospective customers.