Streetwise Fire Incident Command Tablet SystemWhen someone makes the decision to dial 911, it is because they are in some kind of serious peril. They are expecting the one on the other end of the line to send help quickly. That person may not even know how to describe their emergency, but when that call comes through your station, your team is ready to respond. Before you ever got that call, you have put in countless hours of training. You have rehearsed hundreds of scenarios similar to the one to which you are responding. You have a sense of what could go wrong and what must be done right. Few understand that your job is 90 to 95% training and preparation.

One of the goals of preparing for emergencies is to answer as many questions as possible before they are asked. You do not want to be wondering what you should and should not do in the moment. Leaders want to control as many of the variables as possible, so firefighters and medics can do their jobs. One of the ways you can reduce the number of variables and make sure you have the highest sense of situational awareness possible is by using the right technology. Our incident command software features help you manage each emergency with all the information you need at your fingertips. Here is what you need to know about fire incident command tablets.

Streetwise Fire Incident Command Tablets

Incident commanders know every second counts when it comes to responding to an emergency. You have no time to spare. Without the right information, however, your team will not have the situational awareness they need to proceed safely. From mapping and hydrant locations to instant “drop and sync” tactical NIMS waypoints, our fire incident command tablets put life-saving data at your fingertips. Other important features include:

  • Live unit location tracking with directional apparatus icons
  • NIMS-oriented tactical waypoints instantly sync to all units
  • Multi-point distance and radius measuring tools
  • Device-to-device messaging
  • Instant geo-referenced photo sharing
  • Incident benchmark status recording for accreditation analytics

StreetWise has helped even small stations vastly improve their command capabilities with our incident command tablets. If you want your community to know they can count on you when they dial 911, you need to consider adding this vital technology to your tool chest.

Our incident management tablets for incident commanders help improve situational awareness for everyone involved in each call. You know how vital that can be for saving lives and protecting your team. We would love to answer your questions about how the system can improve the way you respond to emergencies at your station. Contact our team for more information and to enhance your fire incident command tablet system.