mobile response softwareA significant amount of work and thought goes into the process of responding to an emergency. Fire departments spend a lot of time developing their plan for answering the call. For homeowners, businesses, and residents of your area, they hope they never need you and have little idea what you actually go through just to be ready to respond. You hope they don’t need to know. No one expects to encounter a fire emergency. They are going about their daily routines without even thinking about the potential for their residence or business to erupt in flames. However, hundreds of thousands of structural fires occur every year throughout the country, resulting in thousands of injuries and fatalities. When people need you, you are there for them.

Emergency responders and firefighters need every tool available to respond quickly and effectively to fire emergencies. Unfortunately, many departments and trucks are stuck with apparatus mobile software designed primarily for police response. While that software might be excellent for police officers, firefighters may find that it’s simply not as efficient and useful. Streetwise offers a solution made for fire and EMS. 

Fire and EMS Apparatus Mobile Tablet Software

Finally, you have a real choice in apparatus mobile software. Don’t be stuck with software in your responding rigs that is designed for cops, or a smartphone app intended for on-call responders. It’s time for a real, full-featured, cloud-based mobile solution built specifically with fire and EMS apparatus in mind! Our apparatus mobile tablet software provides pre-incident surveys that are compliant with NFPA 1620, then makes the information easily accessible. Some of the key features include:

  • Immediate updates to calls
  • Detailed navigation
  • Status buttons for precise performance statistics
  • Live AVL/vehicle tracking with regional options
  • 2-way CAD integration options for status changes and dispatcher AVL
  • Hydrant location and attributes display
  • Immediately shared map customization and regional options
  • Incident-specific tactical command and control functions
  • Instant incident photo sharing for situational awareness
  • Total NFPA 1620 preplan collection, management, and display
  • Integration with Emergency Reporting
  • Web database portal provides easy access to all data, canned reports, custom reports, and analytics
  • Detailed training video library
  • 24-hour support
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

If you are ready to improve your response time and efficiency, it is time to consider Streetwise for your apparatus mobile tablet software. See all the great features of StreetWise CADlink apparatus MDT software in this quick, four-minute video introduction. You’ll learn how StreetWise can change the way you think about response data, preplanning, and incident management forever! Contact us today to get the apparatus mobile tablet software made for your department.