Firefighter ResponseThe Raleigh-Durham area has been one of the fastest-growing regions in the South for decades. Since Research Triangle Park was founded sixty years ago, hundreds of thousands of people have migrated to the area now known as the Triangle. 

When people think of Raleigh, they picture:

  • A downtown with a lot of life 
  • A high concentration of craft breweries and world-class restaurants
  • Numerous exciting careers
  • Dozens of miles of greenway cycling and jogging trails
  • Several high-quality and coveted colleges and universities such as North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Shaw University, North Carolina Central University, and Duke University
  • Excellent secondary education throughout the region
  • Several smaller suburbs and satellite towns with their own unique cultures and identities

When firefighters and first responders think of Raleigh and Durham, they can picture all the potential hazards residents of a sprawling urban community face during fires and other emergencies. They think about:

  • One of the highest population densities in the state
  • Several high-rise skyscrapers in downtown and North Hills
  • Growth that outpaces the highway systems like the Beltline and I-540
  • One-way streets and narrow alleys that make responding to emergencies challenging
  • The region’s susceptibility to a range of natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and flash flooding

With the right technology in place, your department can respond much more efficiently to fires and other emergencies. Here is what you need to know about apparatus mobile software that can revolutionize firehouses in the Raleigh area.

The Best Fire Apparatus Mobile Software in Raleigh, NC

Finally, when it comes to apparatus mobile software, firefighters and paramedics have their own choice. Gone are the days when your department has to be  stuck with software in your responding rigs designed for LEOs.  

It's time for a true, feature-rich, cloud-based mobile solution designed exclusively for fire and EMS vehicles! StreetWise combines response and planning software, merging these two formerly separate functions into one platform. 

Features include:

  • Instant call updates
  • Mapping and navigation
  • Status buttons for precise performance statistics
  • Live AVL/vehicle tracking with regional options
  • 2-way CAD integration options for status changes and dispatcher AVL
  • Hydrant location and attributes display
  • Instantly shared map customization with regional options
  • Incident-specific tactical command and control functions
  • Instant incident photo sharing for situational awareness
  • Total NFPA 1620 preplan collection, management, and display
  • Integration with Emergency Reporting

How does this system aid your department's emergency response?

  • Proper pre-planning allows you to obtain the information you need to find hydrants, exits, and people, so you can get to the business of saving lives.
  • Departments with this software gain a broad picture perspective of each situation, their units, and other vital information. 
  • The ability to instantaneously connect all units with the department and incident commanders improves situational awareness.
  • Higher situational awareness safeguards rescue workers and aids in the saving of lives.

The heightened situational awareness provided by our apparatus mobile software is unrivaled. StreetWise is here to put lifesaving data in your hands, whether you're in Raleigh, Durham, or anywhere else in the area. In fact, we can help any department in the country. For additional information on how our software can help you, contact StreetWise today