Digital Incident Command BoardTechnology is developing and advancing faster than ever. It seems like there is always a new space age tool or a toy on the market. Our homes are often full of smart products that play music on command, tell us when we are low on milk, and allow us to control the climate even from hundreds of miles away. You can see who is at the door with your doorbell camera and unlock it and let them in if they are supposed to be there. One area where technology may seem to be lacking is in your firehouse. While your home and automobile may have all the bells and whistles, your station likely lacks some of the tools you need to do your job more efficiently. 

Is there technology that makes responding to fire emergencies better? Yes, there are technological tools that can make significant improvements in the way your firefighters and EMS respond to emergencies. Digital dashboards and visual alerting systems, for example, help improve your station's situational awareness. Improved situational awareness saves the lives of both firefighters and victims of emergencies. Here is what you need to know about how digital station alerting monitors can help your station.

StreetWise Digital Station SmartBoards

Our station SmartBoards integrate seamlessly with the full suite of StreetWise products. That means they raise situational awareness to a level unmatched by others. These digital alerting SmartBoards have two modes, idle and alert, that both provide specific information needed throughout the day. 

When in Idle Mode, they display:

  • Map with Live Traffic & Weather
  • Live unit locations allowing you to instantly see where all resources are (*for units equipped with a StreetWise CADlink subscription OR optional AVL data interface from CAD to StreetWise)
  • Routine administrative messages from the Chief or other officers 
  • Incident log (last 5 calls)
  • Agenda View Station Event Calendar
  • Weather Widget

When in Alert Mode it displays:

  • Audible and visual alert for new calls assigned to units in that station
  • Incident details provided by CAD
  • New routing map with a recommended route from station to incident
  • Live status list for all units (and optional on-call responders) so you know who is responding and from where
  • Incident detail map showing hydrants, hazard waypoints, and surroundings
  • Countdown turnout/chute timer
  • Auto-revert to idle status display at user-selectable timeout

StreetWise is a leader in developing the technology that you need to improve situational awareness and protect the lives of your firefighters and paramedics. Coming from the world of fire and EMS ourselves, we know how important it is to have the right information as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, in many cases, stations are working with outdated systems and poor data. Our digital station SmartBoards are a step in the right direction for your firehouse. Contact us for more information on how we can help you improve situational awareness, efficiency, response time, and help you save lives.