mobile response softwareBordered on every side by pristine parks, Willoughby, Ohio, is a Cleveland suburb with a rich history and bright future. The town’s first permanent settlers were David Abbott and his family, who operated a gristmill in the region. 

Named Willoughby in honor of Dr. Westel Willoughby, Jr., the founder of a medical college in the area, the town was officially incorporated in 1835. 

Parks and golf courses surround the town, including:

  • Osborne Park is on the north side of town, bordering Lake Erie. 
  • Lost Nation Municipal Golf Course is located just south of Osborne Park. It extends past the town’s eastern border. 
  • The Kirtland Country Club is a beautiful course situated along the southeastern border of the town.
  • Daniels Park is situated on the southern border of town near the confluence of the Chagrin River and the East Branch of the Chagrin.
  • Gully Brook Park is a charming, pristine park with many walking and biking paths on the southern border of the town. 
  • Pine Ridge Country Club Golf Course is yet another beautiful golf course. This course is on the southwestern border of the town. 
  • Chagrin River Park is located on the northwestern border of the town, featuring a picturesque pedestrian bridge over the river. 

With so much of the great outdoors to explore and enjoy, residents can live a relaxed, active, and healthy lifestyle. Part of their peace of mind is in knowing they have some of the best fire departments in the nation. 

StreetWise® is proud to be a part of local Willoughby firehouses. Here is how we can help you improve response in Willoughby and throughout the Cleveland area. 

StreetWise CADlink MDT (Tablet) in Willoughby and the Cleveland Area

StreetWise is a full-featured software suite developed for Fire & EMS. Finally, when it comes to apparatus mobile software, you have a proper choice. You no longer have to be stuck with software made for police departments or a smartphone app developed for on-call responders. 

With rapid call alerting, customized Google-based maps, live traffic, hydrant locations, tactical waypoints, live unit tracking with directional apparatus indicators, and comprehensive pre-plan management, Streetwise takes you from the firehouse to the scene and back. 

StreetWise makes it simple for your firefighters to do accurate on-site pre-incident surveys in accordance with NFPA 1620, and then we make that data available at the touch of a button during a response.

Gone are the days where your firefighters must be stuck using clunky laptops with software adapted for police departments. We would love to answer your questions and even provide a demonstration of how our software can help your Cleveland area department respond more efficiently to emergency calls. 

Contact us for more information about StreetWise, and let’s get started.