Incident Command SoftwareThere are over 300,000 structural fires each year in the United States. That is 300,000 cases of people and families whose lives have been changed forever. No one expects to see their home or business go up in flames, but hundreds of thousands of people face that reality every day. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of those people are injured, and of those, many lose their lives. Whether residential or commercial, the vast majority of fires are the result of accidents or electrical malfunction. 

When someone picks up the phone and dials 911, they are doing so on behalf of their families, friends, neighbors, and livelihoods. They are trying to save a life or property, whether their own or someone else's. A dispatcher must comfort the caller while still collecting as much valuable information as possible. They then pass that information on to the incident commander. The incident commander then has the responsibility to quickly:

  • Process all available information about the emergency
  • Develop the priorities and objectives of responders
  • Allocate assets and persons to achieve those objectives
  • Uphold the highest levels of situational awareness
  • Manage incident operations from beginning to end

Incident commanders bear the brunt of responsibility for how a department responds to an emergency. They need all the help they can get to ensure the success of operations, minimize mistakes, keep their teams safe, and save lives. The right incident command software can make all the difference in putting the right information into the best hands. StreetWise is designed specifically for fire and EMS to provide fast, life-saving data to the right people, empowering incident commanders to make the best decisions. 

Incident Command Software | What Incident Commanders Need to Know

Not all incident command software is built the same. Streetwise's suite of products is designed to integrate together seamlessly. From pre-planning to station smartboards and responder tablets, everything works together to raise situational awareness. For incident commanders, our products provide advanced mapping functions, premise alerts, hazard waypoints, hydrant information, instant "drop and sync" tactical NIMS waypoints, and more. This allows you to have access to the most up-to-the-minute data from the scene of the call, organizational information, and resources for improved coordination of assets. In other words, incident commanders can know where everyone is and whom you can send where at any given moment. 

There is no doubt situational awareness saves lives. The right incident command software raises everyone's situational awareness, which can make all the difference for your firefighters, paramedics, and those they are sent to rescue. Contact the team at Streetwise for more information about how you can get our incident command software in your department.