All New SmartBoard by StreetWise Includes Designer Studio for Full Control

All New SmartBoard by StreetWise Includes Designer Studio for Full Control

Tuesday, 04 April 2023 16:28

CHARLOTTE, NC - Today, Hangar14 Solutions announced an all-new version of its SmartBoard station alerting dashboard that includes an exclusive designer studio that is being rolled out in April. The new feature allows a station to fully customize the look and feel of each screen.

Since 2021, the StreetWise SmartBoard has taken station alerting to a new level. Now, with its widget-based design studio, the SmartBoard will do even more for existing and new customers that want the ultimate in flexibility and customization.

“The SmartBoard is our feature-filled, multi-function station alerting dashboard,” said StreetWise founder Phil Kouwe. “This is a plug-and-play product that uses a WiFi/HDMI device on any TV monitor screen. It’s incredibly easy to get started with.”

The SmartBoard display has both Idle Mode and Alert Mode

In Idle Mode, the board will scroll through screens of useful information the customer can design using simple drag-and-drop widgets. Users can choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or create their own unique background or page design. Your firefighters will see a combination of any available widget you choose to display, including a log of the last five calls, the agenda for the day, a map with live unit locations, local weather, live traffic conditions, an administrative message marquee, or even streaming traffic cameras.

Design as many pages as you want and customize the display time for each page. Need to make a special announcement? Just drag, drop, preview, and publish. The information is on your station screens within minutes, not days.

The SmartBoard will enter Alert Mode when a call comes in and immediately display information received from your CAD system. It can even read out the call for an audible alert. As with Idle Mode, users can design one or more “Alert” screens to display critical information about the call, which could include incident details from CAD, maps, directions, hydrant locations, hazards, preplan points and even a countdown timer. 

“One important feature that sets our boards apart from other products is our ability to display live unit locations on the maps,” said Kouwe. “Being able to glance at the monitor and see where your entire fleet is at any given time is an extremely useful tool. Unit locations can be displayed from users of our StreetWise CADlink response software product or can be imported from third-party sources like CAD or cellular modems.” 

A list of customizable widgets includes:

  • Background templates
  • Text overlay with live data placeholders 
  • Maps with customizable zoom levels and options for weather radar, traffic, hydrants, preplan points, past incidents and live unit locations
  • Incident list
  • Station calendar
  • Weather forecasts & NWS alerts
  • IP Cams
  • Chute Timer
  • Fleet list with live status

More widgets and third-party interfaces are being planned. The StreetWise SmartBoard is an incredibly useful and accessible technology designed to improve firehouse success and situational awareness. 

If you’d like to learn more about the SmartBoard, visit our SmartBoard page, reach out to us with questions, or schedule your live demo!