StreetWise Fills in the incident report for you!

We can output data with any records management system and improve response times


The Power of StreetWise Meets the Power of Emergency Reporting®

Tired of filling out forms? Let StreetWise fill in your NFIRS report for you, even before you get back to the station! Our live interface with Emergency Reporting® auto-creates your NFIRS report with location, dispatch time, and call type. StreetWise even fills in all your unit times in the Units section and inserts your tactical screen actions in the Narrative. Simplify your firefighter’s job with live RMS integration.

StreetWise CADlink® integrates live with your Emergency Reporting® records management software, making life easier for your crews and dramatically improving the accuracy of your response time analysis. 

  • Incident Data. StreetWise automatically creates a new incident report in Emergency Reporting® before your crews have even returned to the fire station. Your incident location, nature, date, and dispatch time auto-fill into your NFRIS report, ready for completion.
  • Unit Status Timestamps. Whenever a responder taps a status button in their StreetWise CADlink® response software on their Android, iPad, or Pierce® Command Zone™ device, the precise time is transferred directly into the appropriate unit status time in Emergency Reporting’s NFIRS incident report unit section. Your units will be able to reliably record their status times without relying on busy dispatchers or crowded radio channels.
  • Incident Benchmarks. When an incident commander taps an incident benchmark button in StreetWise, such as “Situation Controlled” or “Patient Contact Made”, the information and precise timestamp is automatically entered into the narrative section of the Emergency Reporting® NFIRS report. Key incident benchmarks provide more precise incident reporting.
  • Tactical Actions. Waypoints placed during an incident in StreetWise CADlink® are frequently used to identify key tactical actions during an incident. Now, these waypoints and other key incident-specific actions are transferred directly into the narrative section of your Emergency Reporting® NFIRS report, capturing the precise time, action, and even latitude and longitude for more thorough and precise documentation of major incidents.

StreetWise: an all-in-one solution

About Emergency Reporting®… “The most trusted RMS solution”

Emergency Reporting® simplifies fire & EMS reporting and records management into one platform-independent solution. We create user-friendly software that empowers first responders all over the world with accessible data. Emergency Reporting® puts your whole station online with powerful analytics and reports, accurate incident documentation, and we make it all accessible to your entire department through cloud-based software. Our goal since 2003 has been to help firefighters tell their station’s story with data, and we come to work each day ready to make that happen.

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