Firefighting is a dangerous business that only a few people out of the total population engage in. Firefighters attack a natural element that people fear. Fire should be respected, but not necessarily feared. Fires can be controlled. They can finally be contained, even if it is only the weather that contains them. 

Firefighters respond to all types of emergencies during their everyday work. One moment a firefighter is sitting in the shade, enjoying a sunset over the Wind River Range of Wyoming, and the next moment, the firefighter is struggling up a steep grade, the torch in hand, attempting to set a backfire or rolling out a hose lay to protect a home from being totally destroyed.

The professionals at StreetWise work with fire crews all across the country with emergency training, logistical support, and computer software and understand the inherent danger firefighters have to work through.

This country is blessed with millions of acres of public land where you can get away from the stresses of life in your normal world and lose yourself in all that nature provides, either through backpacking into the remote country or setting up in an organized campground with your RV.

From the first time that mankind harnessed fire, we have enjoyed the many benefits that this natural wonder provides. A major part of any camping experience is building the campfire. The fire provides warmth on a cold night, comfort during the dark, a central place to gather and enjoy the company of friends, and the means to cook our food.

However, fire can also cause devastation to the natural world that we are enjoying as well if we do not control it and allow it to continue unmonitored.

Spring and Summer Fire Dangers

Monday, 03 April 2023 13:30

Spring and summer are a welcome change of pace from winter for most people, but these seasons do bring their own sets of challenges.

Being a firefighter is a challenging and rewarding profession that requires a unique combination of physical and mental strength. While firefighters are admired and respected for their bravery, they face a range of difficult challenges that can take a toll on their health and well-being.