StreetWise Response Software, a leader in developing cutting-edge solutions for emergency responders, is excited to announce the relaunch of its Responder product, a personal smartphone app for incident notification and situational awareness, with several new features and a new pricing program designed to bring the product to a wider audience.

“Previously, our Responder product was intended as a supplement to our other product offerings and really needed those integrations for customers to take advantage of all its industry-leading features. But our Responder users can’t stop singing its praises and consistently tell us it’s the best field product out there. So, we made it our goal to broaden Responder’s market by enhancing the feature set and making it more independent,” said Mark Rottenberg, Chief Revenue Officer at StreetWise.

Without first responders and emergency response personnel, where would we be? Along with preserving vital national infrastructure and services, it also helps to protect public health and safety. First responders may face risks regardless of whether the event was man-made or natural.

Whether firemen, police enforcement, or medical workers are engaged, the threats might take different forms, but the human effects are always the same.

More often than not, emergency service personnel and first responders are using outdated apparatus or very little mobile apparatus at all.  They deserve the best of the best when it comes to information and data sharing, which can help save lives and improve response times.

Springtime is coming to a close, and hot summer days are here to stay. Hot summers can pose so many issues for emergency service personnel and first responders. 

Emergency response for firefighters and emergency medical personnel are time-critical affairs. You need an accurate and complete view of what emergency you are responding to for the best outcomes. Lack of information or real-time updates as incident situations evolve on-site can be dangerous to first responders and the public.