StreetWise CADlink Spotlighted by Presenter at International Wireless Communications Expo

Friday, 22 March 2013 16:43

StreetWise CADlink was recently spotlighted in a presentation by Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst for Yankee Group Research, at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas. Yankee Group is a research and advisory firm providing information for enterprises in the mobile world.

Rehbehn is an expert in public safety mobile broadband communications. He publishes in leading industry publications and frequently speaks at industry conferences. In addition to publishing opinions on trends and the competitive positions of vendors supplying solutions, Rehbehn provides consulting and training to operators, vendors and enterprises.

Mr. Rehbehn's poresentation, "Deploying Tablets: A Use Case Tour", highlighted the increasing use of tablets in public safety and identified some of the reasons tablets are a clear winner for street use by emergency responders. He went on to highlight four specific examples of the emergence of highly technical solutions for the niche public safety market, one each for police, fire, EMS and public utilities.

StreetWise CADlink was chosen by Mr. Rehbehn as the example for fire service applications. His presentation included a discussion of a few of the features of the software and its unique approach to cloud server storage and sharing of critical response data.

On its website, Yankee Group forecasts that "the mobility revolution is a $3 trillion market opportunity and the dramatic changes brought on by this revolution will play a larger role in the lives of consumers, workers and enterprise decision-makers going forward."

View the PDF copy of Mr. Rehbehn's full presentation.