Four Myths About Mobile Response Software

Four Myths About Mobile Response Software

Saturday, 28 November 2020 17:11

If you are a police officer, firefighter, or EMT, no one wants to call you. It sounds depressing, but you are the phone number everyone knows but wishes they could forget. At the same time, everyone is grateful you are there in case they do need you. You do something special and unique that few would want to take on. Society is better because you are there to respond if needed. 

For emergency responders, one of the goals has always been trying to reduce response time. You map out the route, practice responding, debrief and evaluate, and try everything you can to be faster for the next emergency. There have been many attempts to improve response time through software, but there are several myths regarding emergency response software that make some fire officers doubt its effectiveness. We want to help clear up some of these myths for public safety departments, so you can make your decision based on the truth. 


Four Myths About Emergency Response Software

1) Emergency Response Software Does Not Decrease Response Time 

It is easy to assume that something new will cause such a learning curve that it will ultimately slow you down. Your department may have experienced software that has little effect on your capabilities. Much of the mobile software on the market is designed with police departments in mind. Streetwise CADlink is unique in that it is designed specifically for Fire and EMS. So much firefighter input was used in the design of the product that it's one of the easiest to learn, most intuitive to use, and has the greatest priority on getting information fast. 

2) Computer-Created Preplans Don’t Comply with NFPA 1620

And it is true that many do not. Apps that simply scrape unverified data from various internet sources don’t meet the intent of the national standard that calls for in-person preplan preparation.StreetWise is a hybrid of response and preplan software, uniting these two traditionally distinct functions into a single platform. It makes it easy for your firefighters to conduct real on-site pre-incident surveys and provides easy access to that information. Our software utilizes NFPA 1620 as the template for preplanning, providing easy-to-use pre-incident survey features that improve the effectiveness of your response planning. Our tablets put that information in your hand, so you can have the tools you need to respond efficiently.

3) Emergency Response Software Will Not Work with What We Already Have

You do not want to commit to a software or system that will ruin the good measure you already have in place. That may not be the case.

  • If your system is already outdated, you need the updates a quality system will provide.
  • If your new system incorporates NFPA 1620, you can count on the highest quality pre-incident planning. 
  • If your current system is working well, the right new system will only build on that success. 

Your hesitation to adopt a new system may, in fact, be frustration from a previous software change that went sideways. With the right mobile response software, however, you’ll be able to receive the support you need to utilize the software to respond quicker and more efficiently.

4) Emergency Response Software Is Only for Larger Departments

There is a concerning myth that mobile response software is all well and good for larger departments, but far too expensive and complicated for smaller career or volunteer departments. This myth is simply not true. Smaller departments benefit from Streetwise CADlink features, including: 

  • Instant call updates
  • Mapping and navigation
  • Status buttons for precise performance statistics
  • Live AVL/vehicle tracking with regional options
  • 2-way CAD integration options for status changes and dispatcher AVL
  • Hydrant location and attributes display
  • Instantly shared map customization with regional options
  • Incident-specific tactical command and control functions
  • Instant incident photo sharing for situational awareness

If you want to improve your department’s situational awareness in every response, you need mobile response software. You will be surprised at how affordable it is and impressed with its effectiveness. Whether you are a large career department or a smaller volunteer department, you need to find out more about Streetwise. 

StreetWise® is a suite of full-featured software products specifically designed for Fire & EMS. With every incident, Streetwise takes you from the firehouse to the scene and back with instant call alerting, customizable Google-based maps, live traffic, hydrant locations, tactical waypoints, live unit tracking with directional apparatus icons, and full preplan management. Share data with neighboring departments for improved mutual aid. If you would like to know more about how StreetWise can improve your response time, contact us today.