Best Gift For Firefighters For Christmas

Best Gift For Firefighters For Christmas

Wednesday, 01 November 2023 17:49

Firefighters and paramedics work each day to keep our communities safe. Every time they respond to a call, whether it be a wildfire raging in a remote mountain range, an apartment complex fire, or a vehicle accident, they can immediately place themselves in a dangerous situation.

Some of the situations are very evident, like rush hour traffic on a major interstate near the scene of a wreck or an approaching wildfire that threatens to overtake the fire engine. However, there are many more threats everywhere that are at times not easily discernible, such as a rattlesnake near the fireline, a hornet's nest, a downed electric pole, or hazardous chemicals smoldering in a back room.

Firefighters work and play hard, but their commitment to family and friends is high. Although they work throughout the year and, at times, over the holidays, they also work very hard to take time away from work to spend time with their families and loved ones. However, this can be difficult, especially during the holidays.

At StreetWise®, we appreciate the sacrifice that firefighters make and work to develop technology that can make their jobs easier and safer. We understand the importance of a special gift during Christmas.

What Do Firefighters Really Want For Christmas

Firefighters are a unique family of professionals who live and work together in very difficult and stressful situations. They are with their crews often for more time than they are with their own families.

Firefighters work long hours for days and weeks at a time. In the wildland fire arena, firefighters travel for weeks at a time all across the country fighting wildfires and only see their families a few days a month during fire season.

Experience has taught that if you ask a firefighter the question of what they truly want for Christmas, they will answer that they would love to be at home with their family and loved ones for the holiday season without the worry of going to the next call. They would love to eat a Christmas dinner, open presents, and visit with family and friends without the pager going off.

But in the real world of firefighting, this is a treasure when this happens, but the reality of them having to work over the holidays is more the norm.

So, with that in mind, let us look at some unique and special gifts that can be given to that special firefighter in your life to express your love and appreciation.

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Firefighter In Your Life

Firefighters may have to work over the holidays, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't spread a little cheer around the firehouse. Get your friends and colleagues one of these great firefighter-related gifts and show them how much you care.

1) A Fire Themed, Laser Engraved, Stained Wall Clock

Imagine this above the fireplace in your home or maybe even at the fire station. This clock, handmade and sold on Etsy, is the perfect gift for anyone associated with the fire service, from rookies to retired chiefs. 

2) Tactical Halligan Bottle Opener

There is nothing like opening a bottle with what looks like an excessive amount of force. Using this Halligan bottle opener will ensure you get some questions about it, making it the perfect conversation starter. 

3) Monopoly Firefighters: 3rd Alarm Edition

How about a raucous and cut-throat game of MONOPOLY over the holidays!? This firefighter’s edition of the classic board game puts a twist on the original by allowing players to take command of all the firehouses and headquarters on the board.

4) Blazing Bucket of Fire Hot Sauce Basket

It's no secret firefighters like to eat. More to the point, firefighters like to eat hearty meals. And what better complement to a heaping plate of spaghetti or bowl of chili? That's right, hot sauce, and lots of it. With this bucket of heat, the hot sauce connoisseur in your firehouse will soon be sounding the alarm.

5) Itunes or Google Play Gift Card

One of the most resourceful tools as of late for firefighters isn’t department-issued; it’s a smartphone. The apps available today specifically for firefighters can make a world of difference.

Other Christmas Gifts With Positive Reviews By Wildland Firefighters

  • Smokey Bear Blanket ($49.95) A true classic, Smokey the Bear has been a symbol for wildland firefighters since 1944. One of the most popular Smokey posters has now been crafted into a large blanket (48" x 67").
  • "WTF - Where's The Fire" T-Shirt ($17.00-19.50) One of many firefighter-centric t-shirts available, this crew neck shirt is a great way to show support and a sense of humor. Available in Red or Gray.
  • Eric Marsh Foundation Hoodie ($40.00) Remember these 19 brave men who gave their lives in the line of duty. Help other firefighters and their families in the process. It's a win-win for all involved.
  • Wildland Firefighter Foundation Magnet ($5.00) Started by the Wildland Firefighter Foundation in Boise, Idaho, the proceeds from this ribbon go directly to the foundation. 
  • Jetboil Flash ($99.95) Great for life on the fire line, this portable boiler can heat up 2 cups of water for soup, hot drinks, or freeze-dried meals in just about two minutes.
  • Firefighter Mug ($11.95) This sleek stainless mug is decorated with a wildland firefighter script on the side. Coffee is always on the fireline.
  • Artwork Wildfires create some of the most amazing opportunities for artwork. There are plenty of artists out there who have captured some incredible moments.
  • "Only You" Smokey T ($32.00) Another great fire-centric t-shirt option, this is perfect for any firefighter who spiked out!
  • Dragonwear Both fashionable and useful, these FR garments are coveted on cold mornings, controlled burns, and anywhere fighting fire happens late into the season- which seems to be an awful lot of places these days. Wrap your giftee in warmth. Perhaps the single best gift you can give.

StreetWise® Supports Firefighters With Life-Saving Technology

StreetWise is a public safety information services company located in Mooresville, North Carolina. StreetWise is an elite group of progressive, like-minded investors, managers, technical developers, and advisors that form the parent company, Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC.

It is their close and ongoing career experience with public safety that led to the development of this project concept. Hangar 14 Solutions has identified first-hand the gap in getting critical response information into the hands of emergency personnel.

StreetWise can assist you with developing pre-incident plans and provide advanced software that can improve your crew's situational awareness. If you would like more information on the services offered by StreetWise, check out our website at  Streetwise.