Situational Awareness for First RespondersWhat do we think of when you hear the term first responder? If you are a firefighter or a paramedic, you think of your friends and family who are by your side when you put yourself in harm's way to save the lives of strangers. For the rest of us, first responders are the people you never expect to meet on any given day, but for whom you are grateful if you encounter emergencies such as:

  • A fire at your house or in your neighborhood
  • A vehicle accident in which your family is in need of assistance 
  • An accident at work or on the athletic field that is potentially threatening life or limb
  • A rescue from a home or vehicle due to the effects of a flood or natural disaster 
  • A situation where there is a potentially dangerous chemical that could be life-threatening 

Essentially, first responders are rushing into the very situations most people are fleeing. However, paramedics and firefighters are not responding haphazardly. The vast majority of the work of first responding is spent on pre-planning and training in order to raise situational awareness. 

StreetWise® is committed to helping raise situational awareness for first responders for the sake of their own safety and the lives they are saving. Our suite of products puts key, life-saving information in the hands of firefighters, paramedics, and dispatchers. 

How StreetWise® Helps Raise Situational Awareness

Incident Pre-Planning

In-person pre-planning is still vital. There is no substitution for witnessing with your own eyes the potential dangers of a building in which you could be rescuing someone in danger. Our preplan management system incorporates NFPA 1620 standards into a user-friendly interface that allows you to have the information you need on each call. Effectively pre-planning is one of your greatest tools for raising situational awareness. 

CADLink Tablet MDT/MDC

Our mobile apparatus software is specifically designed for fire and EMS. Your department is no longer stuck with something designed primarily with LEOs in mind. The features included are invaluable in raising situational awareness. 

Station Smartboards

With our smartboards in place, the entire department’s awareness is raised to support first responders. 

CADuceaus – Lightweight CAD for Smaller Agencies and Rural Regions

Your department does not have to be large to benefit from technology that raises situational awareness. This new web-based two-screen solution integrates fully with all StreetWise® products to bring enterprise-level features to smaller communities and regions at a fraction of the price.

If you are ready to harness the power of technology to raise situational awareness for first responders, we would be happy to answer your questions and help you get started. Contact the team at Streetwise for more information