NFIRS Reporting SoftwareFor firefighters, every call is unique. Every situation presents its own set of challenges. You may have to manage people who are panicking, tight narrow streets, the search for someone's loved one, and the pressure of trying to manage the emergency and save lives, while making sure you make it home to your own family. You are going to debrief each call and discuss with other firefighters and your chief what was done well, what could be better, and how you can avoid certain pitfalls in the future. This data is invaluable for protecting one another, ensuring the best chance for people dialing 911, and raising situational awareness for every person involved. 

NFIRS reporting is essential for gathering data that can lead you in protecting your firefighters and saving lives. However, it can be tedious to input all the data by hand. You need NFIRS reporting software that does the hard work for you and stores everything in an easily accessible system. Here is what you need to know about how StreetWise® can improve your response reporting and analysis. 

Software That Improves NFIRS Reporting 

The job of a firefighter is to save lives. They respond to calls from people in dire situations, potentially fight and battle with the elements for hours, before finally bringing the emergency to an end. After all of the intense mental and physical struggles, while the adrenaline may yet be flowing, your firefighters may be expected to input a significant amount of data. Our live interface with Emergency Reporting® auto-creates your NFIRS report with location, dispatch time, and call type. StreetWise even fills in all your unit times in the Units section and inserts your tactical screen actions in the Narrative. Our reporting software includes:

  • Incident Data: Before your firetrucks return to the station, our software begins reporting key incident data. It will automatically nature, date, and dispatch time, so your firefighters can focus on returning safely. 
  • Unit Status Timestamps: No more relying on busy dispatchers and highly trafficked radio connections. Whenever responders simply push the status button, that data is automatically recorded in the NFIRS report. 
  • Incident Benchmarks: Commanders can record key moments during a response by pressing "incident benchmark" buttons with phrases such as patient contact made and situation controlled. These benchmarks will be recorded with precise timestamps. 
  • Tactical Actions: Any waypoints or incident actions placed in your Streetwise tablet will be recorded with precise timestamps and latitude and longitude. 

There is no better way to complete your NFIRS report than StreetWise®'s intelligent and user-friendly software. Our systems are designed specifically for firefighters and EMS. Gone are the days when you had no choice but to rely on software made for police departments. Contact us for more information about how our NFIRS reporting software can help you better collect data and improve situational awareness.