Incident Command SmartboardWhere would we be without firefighters? These people put their lives on the line every day they go to work for people they have never met. Some don't even draw a paycheck; they just voluntarily commit to making sure there is someone on which to count when we need them most. We appreciate firefighters and rightly see them as heroes. 

In the United States, there are upwards of 350,000 structural fires every year. Rarely set purposely, these blazes are mostly accidents related to cooking or electrical failure. They cause billions of dollars in damage and sadly injure tens of thousands of people. For those who experience a residential or commercial building fire, it is life-changing. They never expected it, and they will be dealing with its effects for years. Their sense of safety and security may be shattered. They will need to know they can continue to count on their local fire department.

Departments are perpetually searching for ways to improve their response time and situational awareness. StreetWise Station SmartBoards allow departments to provide continual support for firefighters and paramedics on call. First responders need all the help they can get to ensure they have the information they need to make fast, real-time decisions. Smartboards might be the next step for your department. 

StreetWise Station SmartBoards | Situational Awareness that Saves Lives

Streetwise provides a full suite of products that help raise situational awareness for departments and responders. Our Station SmartBoards integrate with our tablets, smartphone apps, and other products to ensure key life-saving information is available to everyone involved on every call. Even when your smartboard is not being used for an active call, it will display important information that ensures your team is on the same page, include:

  • Information from recent calls
  • Live unit locations 
  • Important announcements and weather updates
  • Administrative messages
  • Map with live traffic updates

When there are active calls, your SmartBoard will display: 

  • Audible and visual alert with new calls
  • Incident details provided by CAD
  • New incident alert map with route from the station
  • List of apparatus or personal responders and current status
  • Separate incident detail map shows hydrants and surroundings
  • Countdown turnout timer
  • Location geocoding: either CAD-supplied lat/lon or dual-source location for improved accuracy
  • Customizable lat/lon lookup tables for mile markers, place names, or other non-geocodable locations
  • Auto-revert to idle status display at user-selectable timeout

If you want your department to take the lead in protecting firefighters and paramedics by raising everyone’s situational awareness, StreetWise Station SmartBoards are the solution for you. Contact Streetwise for more information about our Station SmartBoards