First Responder Incident Management AppWhen first responders get a call, they become a lifeline for the people on the other end of the line. When someone picks up the phone to dial 911, there is nothing in the world more important than your response to that call. Whether it is the proverbial cat-in-a-tree or something much more serious, they will see you as a hero. There are hundreds of thousands of structural fires every year in the United States, millions of vehicle accidents in every state, and countless emergencies that require firefighters and paramedics to put their own lives and safety on the line to help strangers. The job is inherently dangerous and risky, but the reward can be exhilarating. Nevertheless, fire departments do not want to throw caution to the wind when it comes to the safety of their people. You need all the tools available to raise situational awareness for first responders, dispatchers, and everyone involved in each call. The right first responder incident management app is a valuable resource. The StreetWise Responder for Smartphones is the perfect solution for stations and responders. 

What You Need to Know About StreetWise Responder Incident Management App

The StreetWise Responder App for Smartphones does not try to be something it's not. It is not attempting to be a full apparatus MDT solution. Of course, our CADlink Tablet MDT/MDC provides all the functions you need in a fully functional apparatus software solution. The Responder App, on the other hand, focuses on the features individual on-call responders really need with the simplest and best user interface in the business. It is compatible with iPhone's iOS system as well as Android phones. That means your vocational and volunteer first responders can have the same application and information. Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Almost real-time updates for key data
  • Devices can be activated for specific CAD station/unit assignments
  • Compatibility with Apple and Android smartwatches 
  • The ability to receive push notifications whenever software active/inactive
  • Mapping capabilities that include customizable lat/long lookup tables for mile markers, place names, other non-geocodable items
  • Displaying real-time unit locations on a tactical map display, including individual responders that are active on the call. 
  • Unit icons that rotate in the direction they are traveling
  • Access to community hazard and information 
  • The most up-to-date hydrant location information
  • So much more

For individual first responders that don't necessarily need a full apparatus MDT, the Responder smartphone incident management app is the perfect solution to raise situational awareness among your team. This powerful app is simple to use and effective for finding the key data that can save lives. If you would like more information about how you can employ this application to improve the way in which you respond to calls, we would love to answer your questions. Contact us for more information on this life-saving application