Fire Incident Smartphone App

There is a lot going on in a person's life each day. Typically, an American family leaves in the morning for work and school, spends all day doing their best to contribute to their community, and returns home to enjoy dinner together, and then goes to bed with little concern for what might happen during the overnight hours. They never expect to return to a home devastated by fire or to wake up with smoke or fire alarm blaring and seconds to escape from their homes. No one gets up in the morning thinking that they will need to use 911 during their day, but many people will make that unanticipated call every minute of every day. 

There are more than 350,000 home and structural fires each year in the United States. Thousands of people are injured each year by the flames and smoke from accidental blazes, started by cooking incidents or electrical malfunctions. They never expected to need emergency responders, but in a sudden twist of their fate, firefighters and paramedics were there when they needed them.

Paramedics and firefighters do not get up each morning like the rest of us. They know with great certainty that they will be responding to one or more life-threatening situations on any given day. These heroes realize that they will be risking their own safety for strangers and still go to work anyway. They need all the help they can get to raise situational awareness. StreetWise Responder for Smartphones is available as a simple solution for keeping track of your teams on call. 

StreetWise Responder App for Smartphones

StreetWise has a full suite of products, including CADlink Tablet and mobile apparatus software. However, sometimes you need to keep up with on-call response without a full apparatus MDT. This simplified smartphone application provides one-touch status buttons that allow all responders to know who is en route to the station or an emergency site. With this app, you can also keep track of all resources in real-time. 

The StreetWise Responder App is the perfect solution for volunteers and off-duty crew members who need to quickly assess who is responding to what calls, who is on their way to the station, and who is already on the road in a rig. Packed with features superior to other products, Responder is the perfect companion app to the apparatus MDT version, CADlink. This application is compatible with Android and iOS systems, so it will work for any department. Contact StreetWise for more information about our Responder App for Smartphones and other intuitive products.