Fire Incident Management App for AndroidThere are hundreds of thousands of structural fires every year. Many of those fires prove to be scary, but otherwise harmless for humans and pets; however, they can damage and even destroy people's dream homes or businesses. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people are injured or killed annually. Time and information are key to raising situational awareness and saving lives. Fire departments must consider any tools that can potentially reduce response time and put the data your firefighters need in their hands. The right incident management app for Android devices will do just that. The StreetWise Responder for Smartphones is a simple, but powerful solution for first responders and firefighters.

The Fire Incident Management App for Android Devices

StreetWise has a full suite of software to help fire departments improve their response to calls. From incident pre-planning to NFIRS reporting, our software helps you every step of the way. Sometimes, however, you need a simpler way to keep tabs on your first responders. 

StreetWise Responder for Smartphones doesn't try to be a full apparatus MDT solution; it focuses on the features individual on-call responders really need with the simplest and best user interface in the business. With this application, you have single-touch status buttons that display exactly who is responding to the call or en route to the station. Whether you are a volunteer, on-call responder, or officer, you can know where your people are and what vehicles are available. A short summary of features include:

  • This application is compatible with iOS and Android
  • It is not a web app; rather, it installs as a native app
  • The app displays nearly real-time updates for most data
  • Devices can be activated for specific station/unit assignments
  • It is compatible with smartwatches 
  • You can receive push notifications when software active/inactive
  • There are extensive mapping capabilities that include customizable lat/long lookup tables for mile markers, place names, other non-geocodable items
  • You can have real-time unit locations on a tactical map display, including any individual responders that are active on the call. 
  • On the map, unit icons realistically rotate in direction of travel
  • The app displays community hazard and information points that are shareable to other agencies
  • You can have up-to-date hydrant location information

StreetWise Incident Management App for Android devices is user-friendly and powerful. For many departments, it is the right tool for improving situational awareness. If you would like to know more about how your first responders can benefit from our StreetWise Responder for Smartphones application for Android phones, we would be happy to answer your questions. Contact StreetWise for more information on how our software can help your department respond more efficiently to every call.