Computer Aided Dispatch Solutions No one wakes up expecting to need to be rescued. While everyone learns how to dial “911” from a young age, there’s no single person who expects to use that knowledge any given day. Yet, when they do need it, they are grateful your department is on the other end of the phone line, ready to spring into action. While most of your job as a firefighter or paramedic is training, planning, and preparation, it all comes together when you are able to save a life or someone’s property. 

Regardless of your department’s size, people in your community are counting on you to save lives. Firefighters and paramedics need every tool available to raise situational awareness. For smaller departments, volunteer firefighters, and rural communities, technology upgrades may seem out of reach financially. However, StreetWise has computer-aided dispatch solutions that can significantly improve the safety and effectiveness of your department’s emergency response. 

Computer-Aided Dispatch Solutions for Your Fire Department | StreetwiseCAD

Technology that helps departments respond to emergencies can make a big difference in situational awareness and response times. CADuceus is the answer for smaller departments and communities that might be priced out of a full traditional computer-aided dispatch system. CADuceuas is a web-based two-screen solution, integrating with all other StreetWise® products. This unique system provides enterprise-level features to volunteer or smaller departments in less-populated towns and communities. 

With CADuceuas, dispatchers are able to easily input calls by address or a simple map click, see which engines and ambulances are available for deployment, select and update active calls, and view the up-to-date location and status of each unit on a live AVL screen. 

CADuceaus features include:

  • An entry screen for telecommunicators that includes a clickable map interface
  • Google-powered geolocation and geocoding tools that work automatically 
  • The unit assignment feature updates unit status automatically
  • You can easily access active calls and re-open previous calls
  • Ability to customize types of incidents and unit lists 
  • A full-screen vehicle location map that updates in real-time with a status list (for full ISO AVL point credit in some states)
  • Unit statuses can be updated by field devices or dispatchers, depending on your needs

Small departments can benefit from technological advancements that raise situational awareness and promote safety for first responders with CADuceaus. If you would like to know more information about how Streetwise can help your department, contact us today. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you determine if StreetWise CADuceaus is right for your department.