Firefighter ResponseCharleston, South Carolina, is a historic city. Founded in the seventeenth century, the largest city in the Low Country has played a pivotal role in shaping the nation as we know it. From Battery Park to Fort Sumter to the USS Yorktown to the Market and the Four Corners of Law, there are countless sites to explore that tell the story of the Carolinas. 

However, that does not mean the city is lacking in modern amenities and a bright future. In fact, the metropolitan area has grown by about a quarter of a million people since 2000. Here is just a shortlist of reasons people are moving to the Low Country:

  • The entire region is known for having one of the best food scenes in the country. 
  • There are many miles of beach within just a short drive of downtown. 
  • The College of Charleston and Citadel are just a few of the excellent institutes of education in the area. 
  • The economy is strong, and there are many opportunities to land a great career in the Charleston area. 
  • The weather is as mild as anywhere in South Carolina. 

Firefighters in Charleston, SC

Unfortunately, Charleston residents are not strangers to emergencies and disasters. Some of them include:

  • The Charleston earthquake of 1896 destroyed portions of the city. 
  • There have been several substantial fires throughout the city’s history, including in years: 1698, 1740, 1778, 1812, and 1838.
  • Hurricane Hugo rolled right over the Low Country in 1989, bringing devastating storm surge, wind, and rain. 
  • The Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire on June 18, 2007, was one of the worst fire disasters in state history, claiming the lives of nine firefighters. It took the lives of more firefighters than any event since 9/11. 

Regardless of the inherent risk involved in responding to emergencies, firefighters courageously put their lives on the line every time they answer the call. Departments must provide the best tools available to improve response time and situational awareness. 

StreetWise®’s comprehensive fire apparatus mobile software is exactly what your Charleston area department needs. 

StreetWise Apparatus Mobile Software for Fire Departments in Charleston, SC

Designed by firefighters and paramedics for firefighters and paramedics, StreetWise’s system will help take your department’s response to the next level. Finally, firefighters and paramedics have a choice when it comes to apparatus mobile software. 

Gone are the days when your agency had to use LEO-specific software in its responding rigs.

It's time for your department to benefit from a truly cloud-based mobile solution created specifically for fire and EMS responders! StreetWise blends response and planning software into a single platform, bringing these two formerly independent roles together. Benefits include:

  • Effective pre-planning helps you gather the data you need to locate your resources and save lives. 
  • This integrated software provides departments with a big picture view of the emergency, their units, and other data. 
  • Connecting all units seamlessly with the department and incident commanders raises situational awareness. 
  • Higher situational awareness protects firefighters and helps save lives.

Are you ready to improve your department’s response time and situational awareness? We are here to help. Contact StreetWise today for more information about our comprehensive system.