StreetWise On Pierce

Pierce LogoStreetWise CADlink is proud to announce its new strategic partnership with Pierce Manufacturing, the leading North American manufacturer of custom fire apparatus. StreetWise has been selected as the navigation and scene management software that will now be available directly on the new Pierce® Command Zone™ advanced electronics system.

The new Command Zone system offers expanded capabilities to benefit the driver, officer, and maintenance teams – and features technologies such as integrated GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity for a whole new level of performance.


Integrating directly with StreetWise CADlink, the Command Zone system takes scene management to a whole new level. With Streetwise, the officer and scene commanders are provided enhanced situational awareness through a wide range of at-their-fingertips data specific to a department’s geography, including the location of fire hydrants, way points, and other responding apparatus. Pierce Command Zone devices will share common information and will be interactive with other StreetWise devices used by an agency, including tablets running its flagship Android version or its new iPad version.

There are two optional versions of StreetWise available on the Pierce Command Zone display:

Manual Navigation and Routing Option

Manual Navigation and Routing – Provides Customized Safe Routing for Your Pierce Vehicle

  • StreetWise Navigation will function within the existing operating system of Command Zone and will access the Tech Module provided by the Command Zone system for GPS data.
  • Users can manually enter a navigation target location into the Command Zone device to receive turn-by-turn routing.
  • Unlike consumer navigation devices, the weight and height information for your specific Pierce truck can be used to automatically customize routing for maximum safety related to bridge and overpass restrictions
  • As with the tablet version, StreetWise on Pierce Command Zone uses stored maps to ensure navigation and routing is available even when the system is not in contact with broadband data
  • The Command Zone map display has zoom and pan features
  • Map files can be updated to the Command Zone device to keep street information current

Scene Management and Preplan Capability with StreetWise Subscription Option

It’s like having built-in MDC capability right on your Command Zone Display!

The Command Zone display is a powerful computer already built in to your new Pierce truck. Why not get the most from it by having it also perform many of the functions of a typical MDC? With a subscription to StreetWise CADlink, your Command Zone can perform most of the same functions as the StreetWise tablet version. And your Pierce Command Zone version of StreetWise is fully integrated into the StreetWise cloud server system, so it will fully interact with any of your other vehicles equipped with StreetWise tablets (Android or iOS).

  • StreetWise will function within the existing operating system of Command Zone and will use the wireless communication network and access the GPS data provided by the Tech Module of the Command Zone system
  • Just like the tablet version, the Command Zone will communicate with the StreetWise CADlink server system using a unique unit identifier and, as a result, will automatically receive incoming alerts that have been processed and assigned by the client’s 911 CAD system
  • Alerts will automatically appear on the Command Zone display and will map the location instantly
  • Status changes (enroute, on scene, available, etc.) can be sent to the StreetWise server with the touch of a button
  • Your Command Zone will be capable of automatically providing turn-by-turn navigation and routing assistance to the incident location without having to perform manual location entry
  • The StreetWise application on Command Zone will also display the same live geographical data from the StreetWise CADlink server, including:
    • Other responding vehicle locations (when using StreetWise tablets or Command Zone)
    • Hydrant and water point locations
    • Regional hazard advisory waypoints
    • Incident-specific tactical waypoints
  • Preplans that have been entered into the StreetWise cloud server by tablet or web browser can be selected and displayed right on the Command Zone device for instant access during response (officer side displays only)

The same capabilities of the Manual Navigation and Routing option are also included in this full subscription option. Your StreetWise Account Initiation Fee will be included in your Pierce option pricing, however you will still need a monthly subscription for ongoing service.

About Pierce Command Zone

The officer and scene commander benefit from the wireless data transmission capability. The Command Zone system operates as its own mobile Wi-Fi network and can simultaneously connect and share data between five smart phones or tablets. Firefighters have access to important emergency scene information through Command Zone monitors or via connected network devices. These remote devices can be used to monitor truck health and vehicle control functions such as HVAC and scene lighting, as well as diagnose truck conditions.

Service technicians are able run and view diagnostic codes and troubleshooting procedures from the touchscreen display, or on a tablet using a Wi-Fi, cell, or USB interface. Data logging capabilities enable the system to maintain a history of each vehicle’s fault codes, warnings and cautions. These are reviewable in easy to understand terms, essentially eliminating the need for special troubleshooting tools and software. The end result is faster diagnostics and increased vehicle uptime.

About Pierce Manufacturing

Pierce Manufacturing Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation [NYSE: OSK] company, is the leading North American manufacturer of custom fire apparatus. Products include custom and commercial pumpers, aerials, rescue trucks, wildland trucks, minipumpers, elliptical tankers, and homeland security apparatus. In addition, Pierce designs its own foam systems and was the first company to introduce frontal airbags and the Side Roll Protection system to fire apparatus. To learn more about Pierce, visit
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