StreetWise Station SmartBoards


StreetWise SmartBoards are multi-mode visual and audible station alerting monitors combined with a daily information dashboard. Ever sit at an airport gate or in a hotel lobby and watch the wall monitor rotate though all kinds of useful information and alerts for passengers and guests? Now, you can get that same level of effective daily communications with your fire stations, while also gaining the benefits of an additional station alerting system.

SmartBoards provide an overview of the departments activity, announcements, schedules and a map showing calls, unit locations and even current weather conditions. Fully programmable from a simple web portal for daily announcements, trainings and other scheduled special events. When a call for your station is received, the monitor provides an audible and visual alert, provides the critical information for the call, and even gives an overview of navigation from the station to the call. An “approach” map displays hydrant locations and preplan points around the incident location.

Now, at an affordable cost, any station can have the most professional SmartBoard alerting system on the market. Available as an add-on subscription for existing StreetWise MDT users, and now available as a stand-alone subscription for departments using other enroute software solutions. Contact us for a demo, pricing and additional information.



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