How does it work?

Here’s your chance to learn all about StreetWise CADlink® and its features. Through our series of short video segments, you’ll learn how the cloud-based server architecture of our system opens up new opportunities for data sharing and interoperability. You’ll also see each of the primary features of StreetWise CADlink® in action, on the tablet screen, and learn how they can help you manage an emergency incident. This is your chance to take StreetWise CADlink® for a virtual test drive.

Through these detailed videos below, including live screen shots of the software in action, you will be able to learn how StreetWise CADlink® can work for your department. If you have any further questions regarding our product, please feel free to contact us.

Streetwise CADlink platform architecture



Demonstration Videos


StreetWise® Tablet Technology

StreetWise® Tablet Alerts

StreetWise® Interactive Tactical Maps

StreetWise® Preplan System

StreetWise® AVL Unit Locations

StreetWise® Hydrant Display

StreetWise® Shared Tactical Waypoints

StreetWise® Navigation & Routing

StreetWise® Group Messaging

StreetWise® Cloud Servers

StreetWise® Dispatch Interface