Dozens of exclusive features give you a serious reason to put inexpensive tablet computers in your emergency vehicles! StreetWise CADlink® is a new breed of hybrid software for the fire and emergency services, combining response information with a full-featured preplan system. It turns tablets into powerful mobile data computers (MDCs) through cloud-based server technology.

Product Features

  • Incident location and type are sent to assigned tablets with audible alert. Accuracy advisories provided if location is estimated.
  • Incident updates sent by dispatch center instantly update on tablet display with pop-up advisory.
  • Incidents are mapped automatically, with familiar “pinch-zoom” interface.
  • AVL shows the location of other units in real time, see who’s on your call and who’s not.
  • Tap-to-display data for other units shows apparatus type, pump and tank capacity, EMS level and staffing.
  • Choices of icons and colors for various apparatus types, rotate in direction of travel.
  • Web-based AVL display available for use at dispatch console or headquarters.
  • Community hazards and preplan points are displayed graphically on the tactical map and can be shared with other agencies.
  • Navigational routing is available, with turn-by-turn directions available.
  • Hydrant layer shows location and touch-to-display data for water supply.
  • Choices of icons for various types of hydrants or drafting points.
  • Switch to satellite photo view or terrain view for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Google StreetView is integrated for available interactive 360 degree photo.
  • Tactical waypoints can be dropped on the map and instantly synchronized to all responding tablets for designation of staging areas, incident hazards, fire progression and more. NIMS icons available.
  • Pre-incident plans are stored in the server and accessed on any responding tablet. Preplans can be shared with other agencies.
  • Preplans can be selectively cached to device storage for use when no broadband is available.
  • Exclusive “Preplan Wizard”, complete front-end pre-incident planning surveys for standalone business, master or tenant spaces allow field collection of preplans with the tablet.
  • Preplan photos can be added right from the tablet during the survey. Additional attachments can be uploaded.
  • New preplans are automatically synchronized to the server for immediate use by all devices.
  • Instant photo “share” feature can send incident photos to other responding units or be used for post-disaster damage assessment. Photos are retrievable from administrative web portal.
  • Device-to-group instant messaging. Message everyone or just the units on your call.
  • Status buttons send instant timestamps to the server for later retrieval or sharing to CAD and NFIRS. All units’ current status displays to other responders.
  • Live interface with Emergency Reporting® auto-creates NFIRS incident report, fills in unit times and tactical screen actions.
  • Web-accessible agency log records every event and activity.
  • Administrative web portal allows department to set icons, permissions, and entitlements for devices.
  • Print, list, export, or import preplan data or finished preplans right from the web portal.
  • CAD-independent, uses common data exports or optional dispatch workstation app.
  • CAD transfers can use email, SMS, FTP, SFTP, XML, or a custom API.
  • Basic, simple user interface with large, easy-to-read touch commands and limited menus.
  • Bi-directional API interfaces available for sharing AVL and status buttons back to CAD systems.

Operating Systems

StreetWise operates on both Android and iOS tablets, as well as the Pierce® Command Zone™ in-truck display. Since all devices integrate with our central server, the devices are interactive, so a department can mix and match different operating systems within the same agency, allowing full communication and interactivity between all their devices.


Firefighter & StreetWise CADlink®

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It’s about getting critical response information into the hands of emergency responders quickly and efficiently, using a simple and intuitive mobile interface that they use every day. So simple, in fact, that it’s virtually turnkey. Drop a tablet in the hands of a company officer and they’ll be zipping through critical response information like incident maps, hydrant locations, pre-plan data & photos, and even viewing the location of other responders in no time at all. At long last, it’s truly useful response and preplan technology that’s simple to learn, easy to use, and incredibly inexpensive. No more clumsy $6,000 laptops! Is it response software? Is it preplan software? It’s both! StreetWise CADlink® stands in a class all by itself.

What Makes Us Different?

StreetWise CADlink® provides serious, enterprise-grade software that is focused on providing MDC-style features for use in responding apparatus. StreetWise is a hybrid of response software and preplan software, uniting these two traditionally distinct functions into a single platform. StreetWise isn’t a simple app store freebie, it’s real software for departments that are serious about getting the most from tablets or replacing clunky outdated laptops. Learn more about what makes our solution so unique by clicking on the bullet points below:


Speed and Control Are Important

We Control Data Delivery End To End

Timing, consistency and dependability are critical to emergency response and we know that. That’s why StreetWise CADlink® utilizes direct server-to-client networking technology that allows alert delivery to be controlled, accurate and confirmed. Some competitors/imitators rely on the freebie “Push Notification Services” provided by operating systems, such as Apple Push Notification Services (APNS) or Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM). These services are made available for free to software developers to allow quick, cheap, and simple application messaging to devices through the operating system’s third-party server.

Unfortunately, these services were never intended for time-sensitive materials. Even Apple, in its own system Developer’s Guide, states “Remember that delivery of notifications is ‘best effort’ and is not guaranteed*.” Tens of thousands of apps use push notification services to deliver everything from coupons to weather conditions to Facebook updates and more. Since these services offer no means of prioritization, messaging can be queued and throttled to keep the system from overloading. The result could be inconsistent speed and reliability, something that might not matter if you’re sending a “deal of the day” coupon, but could be a deal breaker for emergency response information.

Though it’s a more expensive method, StreetWise CADlink® servers deliver information through a direct and proprietary connection, so the tablets acknowledge the receipt of all data, performing a virtual handshake. Information exchange can be tracked, time-stamped and confirmed. The connections status of a tablet can be monitored by the system at all times.

*Apple Push Notification Service, page 36, copyright 2013 Apple, Inc.

Security Counts for Something

Encrypted End-to-End Data Security Transfer and Storage

The proprietary server-to-tablet connection allows StreetWise to encrypt data from end to end. The data never leaves the StreetWise servers and is never handed off to a third party for delivery, as is the case with systems using Push Notifications Services provided by the operating systems where data can be seen in plain text by operators of those services. Again, it’s a more expensive solution, but permits a much higher level of security for data that may qualify under HIPAA regulations related to patient medical privacy.

With StreetWise, the data always belongs to you. Since it never leaves our own server facility, with its high-level RFID-protected security access, you know it remains secure. If you ever decide to leave StreetWise, the data can be packaged up and transferred to you for further storage.

Everything In One Place

Truly Integrated Notification, Mapping & Routing, Preplans, Water Supply and Command/Control

StreetWise was designed around elegant simplicity. Responders should not have to jump around between different programs or applications to get the information they need before arriving on the scene. In the minutes during a response, firefighters need to be able to view location mapping and aerial photos, learn about available water supply and review pre-incident planning information. StreetWise puts it all together at the touch of a button. Sure, you could buy an incident mapping program, then buy a hydrant mapping program, then buy a preplanning program, and then buy a tactical command program… or you can spend less for a single solution that does it all in one place. That’s StreetWise CADlink®.

Ultimate in Sharing and Interoperability

Get Rid of the Stovepipes and Start Sharing Response Data Across Multiple Agencies

StreetWise CADlink® is a universal mobile data solution that is not tied to any specific Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) vendor. As a result, many different departments using many different CAD systems use StreetWise every single day and are no longer tied down to only the features their particular CAD vendor has made available in its mobile software. Since the StreetWise universal solution also uses centralized, cloud-based data storage and handling, it is also now possible to share important data throughout the system across multiple agencies. Even agencies in different CAD systems, different regions, or even different states can share response information and data when needed. A department in California can share its preplans, hydrant information, response information, and even command and control waypoints with a department in Connecticut if it were ever necessary to do so. Talk about interoperability! StreetWise is actually making it happen today!