Dispatch/CAD Support

The experienced staff at StreetWise will work with you to set up an automated export from your CAD system of basic incident information for calls dispatched to your department. If you don’t use a formal CAD system, we can even provide you with a custom web-based Incident Dispatch Entry Form. The objective is to receive basic information automatically, and as quickly as possible, after initiation by the dispatcher. At minimum, we’ll need call type and location, but we prefer to include as much additional info as possible. Examples include: 

  • Incident Type
  • Location/Address/Intersection
  • City/Township/Village/Borough
  • Business/Place Name
  • Apartment/Suite
  • Cross Streets
  • Dispatcher Narrative
  • Units Assigned
  • Validated X/Y Coordinates
  • Tactical Radio Channel Assignment (if applicable)

If your system has any available export capability that can provide update messages when a dispatcher adds or changes information, we can also process those updates. The responding personnel find these to be very helpful, so we would encourage you to make those available to us if at all possible.

SMTP (email)
Many communications centers simply leverage their existing system for sending automatically generated text messages to the responders, or “rip and run” printouts to the stations. Frequently, these systems have the ability to send such messages by way of SMTP (email), in order to provide the user with the greatest flexibility to interact with the many different cellular providers that are out there. If your CAD has such a capability, this may be a fast and easy way to get the data to StreetWise.  If you prefer this simple method, we’ll issue your agency a unique email address and ask you to add us to the CAD export or paging function, with as high a priority as possible (for low latency).

Web Services API
Some CAD systems can also export directly to a Web Service API (Application Programming Interface). This is the fastest way to get call data to us, so if your system is capable of that, we can accept an incoming API POST to a custom URL we’ll set up just for you. The body of the POST should contain the necessary information and can be in any format (XML, JSON, delimited plain text, HTML, etc.)

Database Polling Service
Some CAD systems don’t have a readily available method for exporting incident data at the time of dispatch. StreetWise can work with your Communications Center to develop a custom database polling service to obtain call data and send it to our system via secure API post. The polling typically runs as a very lean Windows service, requires very little resources, and is installed on a local network machine that has access to the database via a limited SQL view or ODBC. As a Windows service, the polling begins and continues automatically when the machine is restarted, making it a nearly hands-free solution. A configuration file is used to define the criteria that the polling service uses to determine whether to process an incident or not. Once installed and configured, StreetWise needs NO further access to the system, making this solution a secure, outbound-only method for moving call data within only moments after it is created by the dispatcher.

Other Methods
If none of these solutions is optimum for your situation, we can use just about any kind of data exchange mechanism that your particular CAD system might support. We currently also have systems set up that use:

  • Custom Web-Based Incident Dispatch Entry (if you have no CAD)
  • FTP File Drop/Flat File Parser
  • “Rip and Run” Print Driver Interface

If you have another method that you believe would be faster, provide more information, or be more reliable, let’s discuss the option by phone and determine the best way to proceed. We’re here to help you succeed.