Your Choice in MDT Software

Ever look in a fire truck and see a $5,000 laptop computer with the lid closed and a map book on top of it? Ever wished you had a choice when it came to mobile response data for your apparatus, maybe something your firefighters would actually use? Now you do. StreetWise CADlink is a universal, CAD-independent mobile response software with big features that any department can afford.


Response Software Just For Firefighters

Face it, there are a lot more police cars than fire trucks. As a result, CAD vendors cater their mobile software to cops. The fact is that firefighters and police officers use mobile data in very different ways. You don’t run license numbers and they don’t use preplans. So why spend big money on something that was designed for them?

StreetWise CADlink is response software designed exclusively for firefighters. With all the critical features like incident mapping, hydrants, and live vehicle locations, plus advanced fire service features like preplan viewing and management, tactical waypoints and instant photo sharing. The fact is, firefighters love it and, more importantly, they use it. Don’t take our word for it, watch the video. Then contact us for a free demo or more information.


See why firefighters are so excited about StreetWise