About Us

Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC is a public safety information services company located in Mooresville, North Carolina. The company’s President is Philip Kouwe, who has been active in the fire and emergency services field for 34 years. Kouwe has assembled an elite group of progressive, like-minded investors, managers, technical developers, and advisors to form Hangar 14 Solutions.

It is their close and ongoing career experience with public safety that led to the development of this project concept. Hangar 14 Solutions has identified first-hand the gap in getting critical response information into the hands of emergency personnel. Hangar 14 Solutions is developing software applications for public safety that will focus on the burgeoning tablet computer hardware platform. As a company, Hangar 14 Solutions believes that mobile computing technology, particularly inexpensive tablet computers and cellular broadband, have opened up new possibilities for providing emergency incident information and stored pre-incident response data to emergency responders in the field.

Hangar 14 Solutions is taking mobile response data into the 21st century, where it belongs. Its flagship product, StreetWise CADlink®, is the newest and best tablet-based solution that places critical information in the hands of responders when and where they need it.

  • Incident notification
  • Location mapping
  • Navigational routing
  • Hydrant overlay mapping
  • Pre-plans pushed to the tablet
  • Responder AVL display
  • Location-specific hazards entry, pushed on subsequent responses
  • Arrival photo sharing to all responding tablets
  • Built-in preplan collection field survey syncs automatically, ready for response
  • Encryption capable

All of this for a fraction of the cost of legacy hardware and software! StreetWise CADlink® is CAD-independent, meaning it will function with a variety of Computer Aided Dispatch systems and can even be set up in departments that have no CAD system at all! Cloud servers handle all data resulting in near zero local IT support! And, StreetWise CADlink® runs on both the Android and Apple iOS operating systems, providing a diverse hardware selection for officers or apparatus.