Cali, Colombia Becomes First StreetWise User in Latin America

Posted on Feb 18, 2019

The firefighters of Cali, Colombia are the newest addition to the StreetWise CADlink family and our first client in Latin America. The Bomberos Voluntarios de Cali is made up of brave men and women protecting the busy city of Cali from ten fire stations. Now, they’ll be using StreetWise CADlink, Responder and SmartBoard to help their resource management and response. StreetWise will also integrate with their new Emergency Reporting RMS account to auto-create incident reports and record unit status changes. Thanks to Fernando Castillo for the photos.

Cali firefighters conduct a live training drill using StreetWise CADlink.


Cali firefighters responding to a reported fire with StreetWise in action.


Cali Fire Department’s Operations Center with StreetWise SmartBoard front and center.