StreetWise CADlink Adds Several New Features for Next Release

Posted on Apr 24, 2017

Several new features will be coming with the next release of StreetWise CADlink full MDT version. Here’s a list of some of the ones folks have been asking for:

  • Selection Of Notification Sounds for New Alerts: this will allow the user to choose from the many notification sounds on their device (or available from the Internet) for use as their new alert notification sound.
  • Multi-Point Distance Measuring Tool: this new map tool, available soon from the Map Action menu, allows a user to measure accurate distances between just two, or even multiple points. Instead of simply measuring “as the crow flies”, a user can get an accurate distance for a hose layout down a driveway, up a street, and around a corner all at once.
  • Radius Distance Shading (Hot Zone) Tool: this new map tool, also available soon from the Map Action menu, will allow a user to create a shaded circle around any point (an incident, for instance) and accurately shade it to a specific distance, such as a half mile. Perfect for quickly depicting a hot zone on their map or and evacuation distance.